What’s Tactical Backpack – 4 Types to Choose!!!

A tactical backpack is a general term for a military bag. However, in recent years, the line between civilian and military accessories has become increasingly blurred, and the tactical backpack for the city is becoming an essential attribute of an active person. The fact is that the military's innovative developments are approved and implemented in everyday life.

 Tactical Backpack

Modern tactical backpacks come in different sizes and capacities, you can choose a model with numerous pockets, where it is convenient to put all the necessary things. Thus, the traveler does not need to take out all the things in search of one necessary.

There are different backpacks and tactical backpacks for the city – all these are spacious and practical things that can make life easier for modern man.

There's a lot of guidelines on tactical backpacks. We offer you our with a number of definite questions you are to answer before buying your first tactical backpack. Let's get to know!

What Are the Characteristics of a Tactical Backpack That Make It Tactical?

Tactical backpacks have special qualities that distinguish them from other "ordinary" backpacks. They were made with the idea that they would be used by military and police personnel in tactical missions and excursions. Thus, they are compact, which in turn provides greater mobility for the user. Another distinctive feature of tactical backpacks is the large number of separate compartments in which they must store all sorts of tactical equipment used by soldiers and police/police officers. Most of these rucksacks also have side pockets that facilitate access to some equipment without the need to remove the backpack.

Tactical Backpack

This table describes in detail the unique qualities that should be taken into account when choosing the best tactical backpack.



Padding straps


Provides comfort and prevents the straps from digging into the shoulders

Padding back

Provides back comfort and prevents objects in pack from digging into back

Stern straps

Extra support around the chest to keep the pack in place

Compressing straps

Compresses the load so that the weight is balanced and evenly distributed for maximum comfort and to prevent back pain.

Hydraulic compartments

Keeps water for subsequent use


Not exposed to rain/water

Padded pockets

Used to safely transport of fragile items such as laptops or, for instance, sunglasses.

Concealed compartments

Special pouch to hide contents

Drainage holes

Makes it easy to drain liquid from pack

Quick-access pockets

Pockets used to store stuff that can be easily access without removing backpack

Separating medical pouches

Offers quick access to first-aid equipment


Used with either left or right hand.

Mesh pouches

Helps it easier to organize your gear

Attachable pouches

Gives an opportunity to add extra storage

Covered zippers

Offers additional rain protection

Who Needs a Tactical Backpack?

Waterproof Military Travel Backpack

Tactical backpacks are designed to facilitate combat missions. But in addition to the military, such products can be useful for such categories of people:

  • fishermen and hunters will find it convenient to place all the accessories in separate pockets and carry one product, not a lot of individual bags and boxes;
  • tourists will need a tactical backpack with a large capacity with a system of fastening equipment, tents, a carriage and other necessary things;
  • athletes will need to transport equipment, shoes and clothes;
  • mountaineers needs a hiking and trekking backpack;

 Photo with tactical backpack standing

Tactical backpack for the city will be an irreplaceable thing. Often such products are equipped with a system of hidden fasteners, which increases the degree of safety of things.

Before choosing a tactical backpack, it is important to make a list of criteria to which it must meet. City backpack will be a loyal companion of a student, schoolboy, young mother and any person who appreciates comfort. Besides, now the backpack is at the peak of fashion.

What Should be Considered Choosing a Tactical Backpack?

The Main Purpose of tactical military backpacks is the safe storage and transportation of things. The design of the tactical backpack is characterized by exceptional versatility. During military operations or in the field, you can quickly find the necessary item, which, in some cases, can save lives or health.

The main feature of tactical backpacks is their Cover – the material from which the backpack is sewn. It is always a super strong, waterproof fabric that is not afraid of wear and tear, as well as adverse weather conditions such as rain, downpour, hail, snow, or July heat.

In addition to the fact that the material is very durable, the color of the fabric can have different colors. It can be khaki, coyote, black, olive, gray, camouflage, or khaki. Which, you might agree, is very important, depending on the different goals and objectives.

 The color of the backpack can have different colors

Strength and Durability. Whenever there are negotiations about the quality of a tactical backpack, it becomes clearer that it is about the durability of a tactical backpack. In other words, durability refers to the tactical strength of the backpack compared to the number of times it was used with maximum load.

Tactical backpacks that are resistant to wear and tear in climatic and man-made conditions are highly appreciated when determining their strength and durability.

According to the Design, tactical backpacks are divided into soft, hard and semi-rigid.

By the Purpose of Use, tactical backpacks can be divided into categories such as

  • to transport ammunition;
  • for personal use items and karemat;
  • for medicines;
  • for the CamelBack system ("Medusa", water storage);
  • universal

Waterproof Tactical Backpack

You should choose your backpack according to the size criteria, again according to your goal. There are low volume tactical backpacks (20-30 liters), medium volume backpacks (30-50 liters) and high volume backpacks (>50 liters). Also, a tactical backpack can have many additional peculiarities and features. For example, these can be elements for volume adjustment, thanks to which a large, but empty backpack can be made smaller, which will have a positive impact on the ease of transportation.

The Moller system is quite common – it is a technology of modular systems for carrying additional equipment by means of rigid fastening. This system is used on vests, straps, and in backpacks, as a rule, is presented on the front.

The convenience of this system is due to the fact that it can be attached additional things, such as pouches. Moreover, if there is no such need, the bags can be easily removed.

How to choose a tactical backpack?

Backpack details

When choosing a tactical backpack, you should be very careful and take this event very seriously, as sometimes it is about unsafe, if not very dangerous conditions in which such backpacks are used.

Before choosing a tactical backpack, you need to pay attention to such moments:

  1. First of all, carry out a thorough visual inspection of the backpack for the integrity of the fabric, seams, etc.
  2. Put on your backpack. Make sure it sits well, does not create discomfort, and that the backpack elements do not rub and press. It is very important, as it can cause unpleasant injuries if worn for long periods. Incorrect adjustment and fit of the backpack can cause problems with the spine.
  3. Make sure that all locks, regulators and other elements work easily and effortlessly.
  4. If the backpack has a special impregnation, check that it is evenly applied. As you can see, a tactical backpack has many features, but if you choose a backpack wisely, you can find a quality and durable backpack.

Now that you know what a tactical backpack is and how to choose it properly, it's high time to talk about their most common types.

Tactical Backpack Waterproof

Main Popular Types of Tactical Backpack

There are 4 of the most popular types of tactical backpacks have been identified to date. They are: military, single strap waterproof and small tactical backpacks. Then let's look at each type separately!

1. Classical Military Backpacks

With the advent of military conflicts, there was an urgent need for comfortable, robust uniforms and equipment. The active development of reliable and easy to use army sacks has begun. The well-known crackers (small bags for food rations) were created in many European countries, and the other countries became famous for the bags, but the functionality of these military attributes wanted better. All military equipment has a camouflage color that performs camouflage functions. But during combat or hiking it is not enough. You should buy an army accessory to transport important, heavy objects (personal belongings, food, medicines, ammunition, carriages, etc.).

Military Tactical Backpack

Before making a purchase, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the product.

The peculiarity of a great number of online and different shops is the variety of tactical military backpacks that are famous with:

  • high quality material – mainly 600D nylon or 1200D cordrobe;
  • comfortable hard backrest;
  • dense insertion on the back surface and 3D mesh for moisture removal in a hot season;
  • possibility to attach heavy ammunition, equipment and other necessary
  • of the devices;
  • usage of durable 2-M or YKK fittings;
  • four spacious compartments and an extra pocket for carrying a tablet or laptop;
  • usage of polyamide tape, which is sewn with special capron threads to increase strength.

Really worthy tactical military backpack has a small weight, because additional kilograms are very tangible during its long wearing.

2. Comfortable Single Strap Tactical Backpack

Comfortable Single Strap Tactical Backpack

Thanks to its narrow shape, single strap tactical backpack is ideal for carrying in crowds and takes up little space during transport in the car or in the closet, and can be easily put on and off. When worn, this backpack fits snugly into the case and does not hang loose. Numerous straps for attaching additional pouches. For quick access to the contents of the backpack can be easily outweighed on the chest, and the design of zippers provides equally convenient access to the contents when worn on both the left and right shoulder.

The weight of the backpack is usually about 700 grams. Volume – up to 20-25 liters. The main "trick" is the possibility of access to the cargo area during walking. At the top (and bottom) of the backpack there are handles, grabbing at which you can move the backpack to the stomach and climb into any pocket. When the desired item is removed, the backpack is placed behind the back again.

At the bottom of each pocket (as well as at the bottom of the backpack itself) there is a backing. On the sides there are two blocks of slings (three in a row), which is enough to hang almost any pouches. It allows you to expand the functionality of the backpack, "sharpen" it for your needs. Under the slings of the mall there are 2 flat pockets, divided in the middle.

3. Practical Waterproof Tactical Backpack

Tactical Backpack Waterproof

We've already mentioned basic requirements for choosing the best tactical backpack for different purposes. One of them is waterproof.

You may have to carry valuables like documents, gadgets or something else in your backpack. The best option is to choose a tactical backpack made of waterproof material or a fabric with a surface waterproof coating. Backpacks made of polyester or nylon are faithful and true for years to come – and your belongings will always be guaranteed to be dry, as these materials do not allow moisture to pass through even in the harshest rains. Such tactical backpacks are best suited for lovers of long hikes in the countryside. Speaking of waterproof backpacks and backpacks at all, it is very important to mention how they must be cleaned. This process (cleaning) is closely related to the material your backpack is made of.

This process is closely related to the material your backpack is made of.

Although many tactical backpacks are made of water-repellent fabric, experienced users know that heavy rainfall can be of such magnitude and duration that no material can withstand it. Therefore, it is worth taking care of buying a waterproof backpack case in advance.

Bag Covers Waterproof

All existing backpack covers can be classified according to the following parameters:

  • Tightness level. Some accessories can protect your backpack so much that it can float for hours in water, with things inside it will remain dry, others do not guarantee complete tightness, but still protect your gear from splashes and moisture.
  • Type of application. There are external capes on backpacks and sealed liners in bags, and fully sealed trunks, which are used by lovers of sea travel and yachting.
  • Manufacturers are trying to meet the needs of all potential buyers, so there are cases for large 120-liter tactical backpacks and small ones.

4. Small Tactical Backpacks

Small Tactical Backpacks

With a capacity of up to 20 liters or 1 day pack, they are also classified as small tactical backpacks with a small volume for basic necessities. The small tactical backpack is not only designed to transport the necessary equipment, ammunition, it is also as convenient to use as an everyday urban accessory. On military strong and reliable, stylish appearance will not leave anybody indifferent. High functionality will exceed all expectations. The choice of such backpacks is huge; you can easily find the best option for any task and at the best price.

Lightweight and sturdy small tactical backpacks often have a plastic backrest with a soft 3D mesh, narrow, soft and profiled shoulder straps, a sturdy carrying handle and minimalist waistband, chest strap.

Backpacks of this type have a number of usual features:

  • capacity: up to 20 liters
  • folding side mesh pockets (usually many pockets)
  • reinforced carrying handle
  • hard backrest with airy 3D mesh
  • profiled shoulder straps
  • minimalist waist and chest straps
  • YKK zippers

Small and functional, they are ideal for short walks, cycling and daily wear.

If your ultimate goal is to find a top tactical backpack then our list is the best answer for you. It is going to be a huge advantage for you choose a product to buy.

You've already reviewed general information about tactical backpacks. That's all we've been able to prepare for you today. We focused on their general characteristics, figured out for whom they are primarily useful, and what types are most popular today.

A Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack with the above mentioned characteristics will certainly prove to be a durable product that will serve you with incredible joy. In addition, you can check the best product reviews from various genuine websites.

Of course, none of the options presented here is perfect, but you can't just wait for something perfect. Choose the one that best suits your current needs. It's fully your choice!

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