Prepply Laptop Backpack Review

The preppy style is synonymous with purposefulness. It is given credit by literally everyone, even those who have never heard of the existence of preppy style in fashionable nature. Accessories that emphasize preppy style are also special.

Desk with neatly organized office tools and electronic gadgets

I myself have repeatedly faced the necessity to choose a universal, yet fashionable and practical backpack. To travel, go to work or just walk around the city. Moreover, I wish to help you make the choice much faster and easier. It's gonna be my review.

Women Preppy Backpack. How to Create a Preppy Look?

Creating an image in preppy style, you take the best of business style, school uniform and sports uniforms. You should not forget about multi-layers and the combination of different textures and colours. In addition, due to its peculiarities and attractiveness this style accessory, such as a backpack, can play the role of a talisman that will help you to conquer any peaks.

Preppy-style bags are for smart, serious, and not boring ones! This style is designed primarily for the polite, intelligent and educated people who are aimed at success and do not want to be distracted from the goal. As for age, the view that preppy style is more suitable for teenagers and young people under 20-22 years old is not correct.

Confident business woman

Moreover, of course, when choosing a product in this category, I advise you to pay attention to its typical components. By the way, some of these rules also apply to the selection of backpacks.

Colours: deep blue, bright yellow, sand, grey, white, beige.

Fabrics: tweed, cotton, wool, cashmere, oxford.

Wardrobe: pleated skirt, skirt and dress A-silhouette; club jacket, pullover, cardigan; trench coat, coat; Oxford shirt; classic trousers, banana pants, shorts made of thick material.

Shoes: moccasins, oxford, low heel shoes.

Bags: backpack, clutch, briefcase.

Hair: hair should be perfectly clean and look healthy. No exotic hair colours.

Make-up: discreet and natural.

So, following all these rules and instructions you will get a lovely and fashionable preppy look.

Preppy Beautiful woman on the background of business people

Preppy Laptop Backpack – Let’s get acquainted!

Based on our experience, I offer you a short intro into the world of modern laptop preppy backpacks.

My task is to analyze! And you are to decide for yourself!

Among the goods represented by up to date sellers, you can find everything: shoulder bags for men, vintage backpacks for women, waterproof backpacks and bags for teenagers and cosmetics bag etc. These products have several pluses: bought directly from manufacturers, checked quality (goods are checking before shipment), exchange of defective goods or replacement with another similar product within 14 days and the main part of the goods are always in stock. There is no need to wait! So you have a lot to choose from!

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

I'll be telling about one. It is a stylish preppy backpack for carrying your belongings, in particular, laptop. Stylish and highly versatile design, excellent ergonomics and soft comfortable straps distinguish this product. At the output, we get a nice, durable, functional and very high-quality backpack. This definite model has an interesting preppy outlook for women with good taste.


  • Low price
  • Convertible model
  • Lightweight
  • Strong fabric handle
  • Smooth sewing
  • Good fittings


  • Weak waterproof system
  • Decor: none
  • Not for any laptop
  • Weak magnet of the main department
  • Modest design

My Rating Criteria – 9 Items

I have checked the mentioned preppy backpack according to my own rating criteria, paying attention to the most important features and benefits of this item. Let's start with technical specifications.

Carrying system of the backpack is well-thought-out – physiological back. If you wear the backpack in a correct way (using two straps) and wear the right backpack, it's not only harmless but also good for your posture. For me, this is especially important, because I like to take with me everything that can be useful during the day.

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

Structure of the backpack also plays one of the most important roles. As for me, I always want to know in advance what and how I can wear in my backpack. The convenience and safety of my personal belongings are always paramount. Concerning this very backpack I should mention: cell phone pocket, side water bottle holders, small interior organizers, silt Pocket and 10-inch laptop compartment inside. 

Material. The given preppy backpack is made from Oxford fabric that is generally acceptable for this kind of products. Oxford fabric is an innovative material with a wide range of applications. It is distinguished by its special weave and excellent performance. Thanks to the unique technology of basket weaving of fibers, which prevents penetration of a dirt and a moisture in a cloth, synthetic matter of an Oxford fabric possesses set of advantages.

  • Water resistance and ability to repel dirt.
  • High durability and wear resistance.
  • Heat-resistant. The material retains its properties and characteristics in the temperature range from -50°C to +110°C.
  • Low abrasion of fibers.
  • Budgetary cost.
  • Does not require special care.

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

Choosing the capacity of my backpack was a real problem for me. I didn't know exactly what I needed to fit my laptop and all my stuff. How do I know what the optimal volume of my backpack should be in this or that case? What is the best capacity for a backpack in the city? In addition to my intuition and life experience, I have decided to listen to the existing standards that should be adhered to. Moreover, I asked specialists. Sharing information with you :)

Once you've found out your backpack capacity, you can easily understand what it's optimal for.

Up to 15 liters. This is an indispensable accessory in the urban life of women. This backpack contains a wallet, a phone, a cosmetics bag, 1-2 books, a tablet or a small laptop.

15-20 liters. It is a backpack for those who constantly carries a lot of necessary and important things. This backpack will include books, laptops, documents, many notebooks.

20-35 liters. This is an accessory for sports people. These backpacks are not only for documents. Here you can carry roller skates, sports uniforms, sneakers. The backpack of 20 liters holds a laptop with a large diagonal.

35-60 liters. This option is the optimal capacity of an adult tourist backpack.

60-100 liters. This category includes backpacks that contain not only everything you need for a hike, but also additional equipment.

More than 100 liters. These are backpacks for extreme conditions, long hikes. It is possible to mark everything you need and even more!

This preppy laptop backpack capacity is below 20 liters. It is perfect for my 15-inch laptop. Well, you are to decide.

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

Essential stuff. Choosing a backpack I used to pay attention to little things (zippers and fittings). These are the links experiencing the heaviest loads, so it is important that they are of good quality.

More recently, it was considered that only metal fittings could be good. But modern plastic, which is used to manufacture high-quality hardware is almost as good as similar metal elements in its properties.

The mentioned before backpack high-quality fittings are almost the main advantage. Type of clasp: zipper. And all of it (fittings) is made good and for many years.

The choice we make choosing a laptop backpack (Laptop Backpack for Women: the Best You can Choose) depends largely on our lifestyle and daily habits. It's obvious! I always think in detail about what I will regularly carry in my backpack, what are my main daily travels are and what maximum weight I can carry. Other considerations include style, safety and weather conditions. After I was able to answer these basic questions, I realized where and how to start the mission of finding the best laptop backpack.

Another important point is the quality and solid bottom of this type of backpack. Otherwise, just one awkward movement is enough for the laptop to fly through it and break. When buying a backpack, I also pay attention to the quality and material of manufacturing straps. To learn that the product is intended for laptop transportation, it is possible on a label and presence of a special branch. It securely locks the device in place, preventing it from touching other things in the backpack. Sometimes the compartment is additionally separated by a reinforced safety net. In addition, there should be a separate compartment for carrying computer accessories such as a mouse, charger or flash drive.

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

The represented by me laptop backpack by the way fully satisfied all my requirements. It is a cute backpack with spacious storage space for all my daily essentials and laptop. Inside, there is a separate reinforced compartment for the laptop.

Here are two more criteria that I, as well as probably any woman and fashionista, paid attention to choosing a backpack. These are not technical details, but no less important than all of the above.

I would like to pay attention to its stylistic characteristics and what this backpack to be worn with.

Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women

The popularity of such kind of backpack I’m talking about, grows every hour. The trust of the customers, manufactures and sellers deserve mainly for their accessories that fully meet the requirements of consumers. But there is a separate, special group of goods, which facilitates the transportation of gadgets and pleases their owners. Therefore, I am pleased to present you a collection of practical and at the same time beautiful backpacks.

This model of the city backpack is unique. It is product made from practical and strong special material. A characteristic feature of the given preppy laptop backpack is its unique style, typical of any product of the brand. The model is available in different colours: dark blue, black, yellow, red, etc. It is used for transportation of laptop, power bank, headphones and other accessories. This line of products is convenient and very spacious.

As for the preppy look and successful combination, there is a lot of variants here.

Preppy Look

Preppy style is a state of mind. To emphasize an active life position and to prove oneself from the best side, it is necessary to approach to making an image responsibly. A strict blouse can be combined with skirt-plissée, black shoes with lacing and white socks. This look is suitable for visiting an educational institution and is relevant for a lunchtime guest. The look can be completed with a striped scarf and grey golf.

You can wear blue jeans, a striped tunic and a dark blue double-breasted jacket for your everyday look. In cool weather, you can add here a dark trench coat.

A preppy backpack, in particular, aforementioned preppy laptop backpack is the perfect complement to any of these options.

Wooden blocks with the word Review

Reviews about goods is a very necessary and useful thing. Yes, a lot of custom-made, but when you read it, the falsity always appears and the main trends are caught. I have chosen a lot of things through feedback. Got to the point. You need to read and analyze a lot. I also leave feedback. True ones. It is even harder to read product descriptions, sometimes you don't understand anything at all, especially if you are not a narrow specialist in a particular field. It is better to be guided by the opinion of others.

Personally, I am pleased with the fact that feedback and comments from customers are not blocked, even if they do not look like praise odes!

Product Comparison – Backpack Alternatives

There is an excellent proverb – "the sky's the limit". I offer you a brief comparative table of my preppy laptop backpack with 3 more variants. For you, to make the right choice.




Special features


Waterproofing effect


Preppy Laptop Backpack

331.83 UAH.


(Ideal for different gadgets – IPad, mobile phones, wallets and so on.)

- hidden zip pocket

- stylish appearance

- main department weak magnet


(not so good impregnation)

Casual Leather Backpack




30x28x15 cm

(Less inside than outside.

Small as for students.)

- looks great with any clothes

- lots of pockets.

- relatively heavy


Genuine Leather Backpack for Women




25x10x28 cm

(Less inside than outside)

- reliable zippers and fasteners

- getting wet in the rain

- only for iPad


Fashion Women Luminous Backpack

Fashion Women Luminous Backpack




30x10x40 cm

(Smaller than it looks in the photo)

- reflects the headlights at night

- high quality fittings and manufacturing


And a little more...

Casual Leather Backpack. Backpack is sold in black and light colours, the material – eco-leather, the texture resembles a sheepskin, looks great with any clothes. Capacity is limited to a 10-inch laptop, A4 sheet does not fit.

Genuine Leather Backpack for Women. The soft artificial leather pattern resembles the real leather, available in black, white, pink and beige. The sides are decorated with shiny hexagonal rivets. Inside - a zipped pocket and 2 small compartments – for iPad, format A4 magazine – back-to-back.

Fashion Women Luminous Backpack. A backpack with volumetric geometric rhombic ornament is very popular among young girls. To choose – a lot of colours and textures – lacquered, mirrored, shining. The backpack is tightened with a cord and closed with a valve on a plastic clasp. Fits textbooks and A4 sheet that is slightly bent.

Young girl sitting on a grass with  backpack for laptop

So, can I recommend you this laptop preppy backpack? I can, for my part, but the choice, of course, is entirely up to you. In fact, there is no single product (of any sphere) that is absolutely perfect and does not have any disadvantages. The backpack of this very brand is not an exception. Someone is confused by the light chemical smell (which is quickly eroded), and someone has made a water-repellent impregnation.

You can read a more detailed description of the product and read all the reviews.

Well, if you can fix the disadvantages, you should also pay attention to the product.

My function is completed, so it' s your turn to make a choice.

I will be pleased to answer more questions and look forward to your feedback!