Laptop Backpack for Women: the Best You can Choose

How do you decide which laptop backpack is the best for you? In this advice article, we help you narrow down your choices by describing some of the critical differences between various backpack options and identifying some of the questions you'll want to ask yourself and the seller when buying a backpack.

What to Consider Making a Right Choice

The choice you make will largely depend on your lifestyle and daily habits. You have to consider what you need to carry in your backpack regularly, what your main daily journeys are and how much weight you can carry. Other considerations may include style, safety and weather conditions. Once you have answered these basic questions, you will know where and how to start the mission of finding the best backpack.

Laptop Backpack Style

Lifestyle, daily habits, requirements for the appearance of the company representatives, personal preferences in clothing predetermine the choice of models of rucksacks. For a strict business suit style, a messenger bag is suitable, for a casual urban style or office casual, a stylish backpack fits.

Mobility of the laptop and its user facilitate the work of real estate agents, consultants, designers, makes productive business meetings.

Size of internal space and laptop: the size depends on the number of items to carry and the size of the laptop. It is customary to measure the capacity of the interior space in liters. For everyday city life and work, the capacity up to 20-25 liters will be suitable. To travel, to go on business trips costs with backpacks in volume of 25 liters and in above.

Backpack Loading Method

The product design provides such loading methods:

  • Top
  • Frontal
  • Combination of top and front loading
  • Full opening

Each of these methods facilitates accessibility to the internal space. For example, the top-loading will be convenient for small models; the front loading will be well combined with the bulk models so that it is easy to get the contents from the bottom corners of the products.

Correct Production Material

Besides to ensuring the correct size of the storage area for the equipment, manufacturers have also taken care to protect it from the weather. A special water-repellent fabric, nylon, is used for sewing, which will protect the equipment and personal belongings from dampness and rain.

Special laptop backpacks are also manufactured using special clasps:

  • sealed zippers
  • hidden zippers

Thanks to the fabric, accessories and methods of its installation, the possibility of water getting inside the backpack is minimized, thereby ensuring the safety of the device stored inside.

Sturdy Backpack

Another important point is the quality and strength of the bottom. Otherwise, just one awkward movement is enough for the laptop to fly out of the backpack and break. To learn that the product is intended for laptop transportation, it is possible on a label and presence of a special branch. It locks the device securely in place, preventing it from touching other things in the backpack. Sometimes the compartment is additionally separated by a reinforced safety net. Also, there should be a separate compartment for carrying different computer accessories.

Backpack Belts

Women laptop backpack helps to free hands and transport content on your shoulders. Wide soft straps evenly distribute the load on the back and shoulders, reducing fatigue during long walks or travels.

Larger backpacks can be fitted with a stabilizing extra strap that connects the shoulder straps at the front. It reduces the mobility of the backpack and relieves the muscular tension that can be caused by friction. It is essential to adjust the length of the straps to the height of the torso so that it is close enough to the body and does not hang from the side while walking.

What Color to Choose

Some women like to combine colors, to choose combinations of warm bright shades, others tend to classic strict cold tones.

Women's backpacks are distinguished by their versatility, convenience of storage and safe transportation of devices, documents and personal belongings.

As a consumer, it's essential to determine what's the most important in your laptop backpack first. Instead of just buying a backpack of your favourite company or brand, first, ask yourself all the above questions to determine the characteristics of the chosen product. Once you've identified your needs, it's much easier to narrow your search for the laptop backpack.

Our Choices for The Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Based on our experience, we offer you 9 laptop backpacks that you can get to know. Each of them has the listed advantages and disadvantages. Our task is to analyze! And you are to choose for yourself!

# 1 Printed Women Backpack

Not a single rating of backpacks can do backpacks of such a type.

These products are distinguished by stylish and highly versatile design, excellent ergonomics and soft comfortable straps. At the output, we get a nice, durable, functional and very high-quality backpack.

This definite model has an interesting design for women with good taste.


  • Low price
  • Backpack type: softback
  • Carrier system: arched shoulder
  • Lint-free pocket
  • Mobile phone and inner pocket
  • Soft straps
  • Strong fabric handle
  • Anti-theft zipper
  • Double zipper
  • Metal adjustable buckle
  • Modern design


  • Capacity: < 20 L
  • No waterproof system

# 2 Anti-Theft (TSA lock) Ladies Laptop Backpack

Such anti-theft ladies backpack is suitable for women who like to travel in style and take care of their belongings well. This is the best backpack to keep your things secure because everything has been created to make life difficult for potential thieves. For instance, there is a hidden steel cable attached to the bag, to which you can easily attach the bag to something. The material is also made from a cut-resistant fabric. But first of all thanks to TSA lock system. There is also space for water bottles and an umbrella, but you also have hidden compartments at your disposal.


  • Anti-theft system (TSA Lock)
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Water-resistant/cut proof
  • Replaceable USB charging port
  • Lightweight and large capacity
  • 180° fully opened
  • Free padlock
  • Honeycomb elastic foam
  • Comfortable handle
  • Abrasive proof zipper
  • Pockets (+ back hidden and bus card)
  • Complimentary combination lock
  • Breathable shoulder straps


  • High price compared with other models
  • Modest design

# 3 Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack for Women

This universal anti-theft business backpack was originally made for girls and women. But the bag, of course, can be used both by boys and men. The most important thing is that your things are safe when you go out into the outside world, and this backpack is more than capable of providing it. Although this stylish bag keeps all your belongings safe and sound, it does not detract from the practical aspects.


  • Anti-theft features
  • Water-resistant/cut proof
  • Cable lock
  • USB charging port
  • Using cellular elastic foam, ergonomic design
  • Hidden side pocket, easy to storage


  • Modest design
  • High price compared with other models

# 4 Fashionable anti-theft laptop backpack for women

It is a stylish backpack for carrying your belongings.

Among the variety of represented goods, you can find the following: shoulder bags for men, vintage backpacks for women, waterproof backpacks and bags for teenagers, stylish backpacks for school and even sets of 3 elements for girls: laptop backpack + school backpack for textbooks and cosmetics bag, etc.

So you have a lot to choose from!


  • Low price
  • Reflective
  • Smooth Sturdy Zippers
  • Roomy main compartment can hold textbooks, magazines, A4 files
  • External USB Interface
  • Style: Fashion


  • Professional main and lining material, but not completely waterproof
  • Sports and youthful design – not for any wardrobe and age

# 5 Female Laptop Backpack

These backpack models are handmade & made mostly of leather.

You can choose your leathers, linings, and hardware to customize an already existing design or to completely start from scratch.


  • Low price
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Technics: embossing
  • Pockets (inner and outer)


  • Not waterproof

# 6 Casual Laptop Rucksack for Ladies

Represented goods, namely backpacks and bags, of course, are not the only ones sold online, but there are several reasons to buy them. They have several pluses: bought directly from manufacturers, checked quality (goods are checking before shipment), exchange of defective goods or replacement with another similar product within 14 days and the main part of the goods are always in stock. There is no need to wait!


  • Low price
  • Pockets (inner and outer)
  • Stylish
  • Quality lightning
  • Secure inner pocket for smartphone or tablet


  • Not waterproof
  • No external pockets

# 7 Large Laptop Backpack for Women

Its high time to offer you synthetic leather backpacks. The assortment is just huge, each buyer can choose something for himself.

If you're travelling in simple sportswear, or your wardrobe is made up of casual clothing and you need an inexpensive, spacious backpack for your devices, it's worth considering this model.


  • Low price
  • Main material: Oxford
  • Closing: quality zipper
  • Fabric is trimmed, every stitch is reinforced
  • 12 months warranty on quality


  • Capacity: < 20 L

# 8 Teenage Girls Laptop Backpack

Looking for a fancy laptop backpack for girls at school? For your convenience, we represent a model that meets your main needs. You have to spend a few minutes of your time!

It is a very spacious and comfortable backpack.

Suitable for studying, under the laptop and even for going to the gym.


  • Low price
  • Carrying System: Arcuate Shoulder Strap
  • Closing: quality zipper
  • Not fading color


  • Capacity: < 20 L

# 9 School Laptop Backpack for Teens

One more representative of modern products range. Today we want to represent you laptop school bag for girls.

It’s a school laptop backpack for girls who wish to be modern and stylish.


  • Low price
  • Decoration: Appliques
  • Closing: quality zipper
  • Not fading color


  • Capacity: < 20 L

If your ultimate goal is to find a top laptop backpack for women then our list is the best answer. This is a huge advantage for us when choosing a product to buy.

According to the analysis, the clear winners of this contest are #2 Anti-Theft (TSA lock) Ladies Laptop Backpack and #3 Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack for Women. The pros of backpacks are obvious, but the cons are such, you can easily ignore.

The point is that none of these variants is perfect, but you can't just wait for something perfect.

Choose the one that best suits your current needs and get to work.

Do you have thoughts, questions, comments? Join the discussion in the comments section!