How to Choose a Wallet: 5 Steps to Follow

Your old wallet is asking for a well-deserved rest. It is high time to look for a new one, but it is important not to make a mistake, trusting the interested sellers and advertising.

Dollars in the wallet

Money loves not only the account, but also the order, so the answer to the question - how to choose a wallet, you need to find long before buying it.  The right accessory should be beautiful, fashionable, convenient and practical.  However, this is not all – in order to have prosperity in the house, it is important to take into account folk sign and maybe even mystical advice. We have tried to prepare for you a complete guide that will help you to make the right choice.

Wallets for Women – Key Facts

The modern haberdashery market offers a huge variety and the widest selection of various models of women wallets of different colours, sizes and functionality.

Ladies Purses

Some women pick up a set of accessories in one color scheme and in the same style, which includes a wallet, handbag, cardholder and even a passport cover. Black and brown genuine leather accessories are considered universal and can fit any style and image.

It’s hard to find a good alternative to a regular wallet, you can do without it in some cases, replacing it with a clutch or just jeans or purse pockets, but in most cases for shopping every day we need a wallet with separate compartments for small items and banknotes, and  also additional pockets for credit, bank and discount cards.

Women's Wallet

From the history of wallets

Historians claim that the earliest wallets were small bags in which the inhabitants of ancient Turkey kept their savings. Moreover, during the Renaissance, wallets have already acquired a more modern look, close to the current models of this product.

Leather wallet

According to historical sources, wallet appeared on our territory at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It looked the same as the first such product in history – in the form of a bag tightly tied with a cord in the upper part.

The first wallets had a similar appearance in the countries of medieval Europe. The peculiarity was only that the wallets were attached to the belt and had an interesting name – omoniers.

 In ancient China and Japan, a strong leather lace was used as a wallet, on which money coins were strung with holes in the middle.

Overview of women wallets

Woman with wallet

 How to choose a cool wallet, there are many nuances, but before you start searching, it is worth getting acquainted with the models available on the market of accessories. They are small and big, slim and fat, designer and retro ones.

The shape of all women's wallets can be divided into two types: classic rectangular and compact square wallets. Some women like miniature models, and others like the cuts in the size of the bills in the unfolded form. The advantage of full-size rectangular wallets is that the paper money is placed in them freely, and the accessory is enough only to open to get the bill.

Wallet for Women

Small square models easily fit in bags of any size, but one of the minor inconveniences is that the purse needs not only to be unbuttoned but also deployed to get the money.

Models of cute wallets for women with an extravagant shape – round, oval, triangular, cube, are less common.

 For everyday use, they are not very convenient, but if you like to produce an effect on others, take a look at unusual variants.

If you often go out, pay attention to big wallets with a removable handle. As a rule, such styles are spacious and they have a place not only for money but even for a smartphone. In fact, this is a clutch wallet, but in everyday life, it is suitable only for women who prefer large bags.

5 steps to choose the best woman wallet

We have reviewed general information about wallets. It’s time to start choosing. However, before you finally choose one wallet from several, be sure to consider it from all sides in the literal and figurative sense! Of course, we’ll introduce main steps to followJ

Step 1. Section for coins – to be or not to be

Ladies wallet

When you choose a convenient wallet, answer the question: do you carry a trifle with you. If not, then this section can be completely abolished and choose a model in which it is not provided.  However, most people can not do without coins, which means that a purse without a compartment for small things will be very uncomfortable and impractical.

In models of wallets, which in many stores are called European, there is a small pocket for coins with a zipper or button. This style is suitable for those who do not use public transport, and in stores more often pays with a card.  A trifle, it seems, is, but it is rarely needed.

Women Wallet Multifunction

If you often use cash when paying, look for wallets with coin sections with a kiss clasp.  Please note that the coin box can be located separately or under the general fastener of the entire wallet. The first option is more convenient and practical – you can get metal money without opening the main fastener.

Step 2. Card pockets – convenient quantity

The quantity of pockets is a matter of taste, but is it worth carrying all the discount and bonus cards in your wallet if it is now possible to install special software on your phone? If your wallet has only bank cards and a few bonus ones from your favourite stores, do not chase models that have two dozen pockets. Pay attention to the size of sections, some, for example, can only accommodate business cards, so it is important to correlate the quantity with the quality! It is advisable to check pockets of all types or read reviews if you choose a wallet in the online store.

Women Wallets Zipper

According to the form, the sections for cards are also different – some people like slots, and others like pockets, but here you can only be guided by taste.

Step 3. Material for the best wallet

Traditional women's wallets are made of genuine and artificial leather, less often you can find accessories from textiles, knitwear and other materials. What is better and how to choose a money wallet for long service?

Leather is always fashionable and prestigious

Accessories made of genuine leather, although rejected by proponents of animal welfare, remain the most coveted and sought after. Manufacturers use the leather of different quality and origin.  The most inexpensive products are sewn from pigskin.  The most prestigious products are made from crocodile leather.

If you want to buy a long-lasting wallet, choose calf leather, but such an accessory will cost accordingly.

Wallet women

How to choose a quality leather wallet:

  • take a close look at the wallet from the outside – there should be no damage, cuts or other defects on the device. Some types of leather allow wear, but they can not be on smooth and varnished accessories.
  • smell the device – it should emit a pleasant skin aroma that will not interrupt the smells of dyes and other chemicals.
  • swipe the surface with a cotton pad or paper handkerchief – on a quality product, the paint should stay firmly and leave no residue.
  • check all fasteners, buttons and zippers – they should be easy to operate and securely close the compartments.
  • pay attention to the quality of the seams – if they are uneven or have gaps, look for another model.

Keep in mind that matte leather is always more durable than patent leather. Natural tones (black and brown) will remain attractive longer than bright shades with prints and patterns.

Artificial leather and its types


Imitation of genuine leather – a more affordable purchase. Artificial leather is a coated textile that mimics a leather canvas not only in appearance but also in structure and properties. Manufacturers offer several options for faux leather haberdashery, differing not only in price but also in consumer properties. Modern materials are even superior in performance to genuine leather, so do not rush to turn away from the wallet, the raw material for which was one of the types of artificial material.  You can choose any for the “artificial leather wallet”:

  • dermatine (granitol)
  • vinyl leather
  • eco leather
  • blended leather

Textiles and its varieties

Women Small Wallets

Textile women wallets look original, and modern technology makes fabrics practical. They are not afraid of moisture, repel dirt and do not wear out. Textile accessories are made from coarse fabrics such as denim, linen or tweed. The simplest in this series are coin wallets, but today such a model is almost irrelevant. Satin styles look elegant, but they can hardly be considered everyday, it is better to choose these as an alternative to an evening handbag or clutch. Youth and sports models sew from raincoat fabrics. Faux fur products look original. For water resistance, flax, knitwear and other materials of a similar structure are impregnated with compounds that increase resistance to dirt and moisture.

To choose the best textile wallet, examine carefully all the seams and fasteners. Rub the fabric with your finger to watch for stains and examine the material. It is better to refuse light shades, the most practical: brown, grey, green.

Step 4. Lining – important detail

Womens Wallets

Before choose a convenient woman wallet from the material you like, be sure to look inside. The lining is the most important part, on the quality of which durability depends. The lining in the section for banknotes can be made of the same material as the entire device, or of cheaper ones. Often in leather wallets, the lining is made of leatherette or textile. Textile is often used for coin sections. Looking for a lining made of durable material, do not hesitate to rub it with your hand, wrinkle and pull to make sure the seams are strong. Good textile will not glow and shine through the base. It is desirable that the trifle section should have a soft cloth, otherwise the original colour will quickly lose its appeal. To exclude poor-quality staining, swipe the lining with a napkin; if the paint remains on the surface, put your favourite model aside.

Step 5. Fittings and decorative elementsBeautiful wallet

Which wallet to choose for a glamorous woman?  Of course, it should have jewellery – rhinestones, voluminous clasps, stones. Metal parts can be golden, silver or bronze. Keep in mind that gold plating is the fastest way to lose its original luxury. There is no such thing within expensive models because the spraying is electroplated.

If you are not ready to overpay, give preference to steel fittings, this one lasts a long time and does not wear out. In vintage style devices, metal elements can be made in bronze; their advantage is that over time they become even more attractive.

Young woman with wallet full of money

Rhinestones look beautiful, but if you wear your wallet in a bag, they quickly fall off, leaving an ugly spot in place of the decor. The voluminous decor on the clasp is also quickly scratched, so immediately decide what is more important for you – a long service life or short-term beauty and admiration of your besties.

Even if you do not believe in signs, do not disregard tips on how to choose a wallet to attract money.  No one can firmly say that this works, but it is not worth rejecting the theory of dependence.

Buy a new wallet as soon as the old one loses its attractiveness or rips - money does not like “poverty”, prepare a luxurious home for them, and they will start rolling in!

We hope that our tips on how to choose the right wallet will help you buy a fashionable, beautiful, and convenient accessory!

And, of course, we’re looking forward to your questions and comments!

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