How to Choose a Perfect Cat Backpack – 4 Tips to Follow

Every trip of your four-paw friend turns out to be nerve-racking for him or her, caused by unfamiliar sounds, smells, meetings with strangers and other animals. It means that it is necessary to purchase a convenient cat carrier in advance for the purpose of cat transportation, so that the animal feels safe during the trip and remains calm at the same time.

Portable Breathable Grid Bag Pet Cat Bag

This important product is designed for the comfortable and safe movement of animals, in the form of a textile, plastic, woven, metal box, carrier (of different types) with such handles, which you can comfortably carry the cat. A toy beloved by a cat, a soft litter is often placed inside the object to soften its travel conditions.

At first, we want to represent you the main rules on how to choose a correct cat carrier for your kitten and answer a number of the important questions. To decide which cat bag is going to be the best!

Why Do You Need a Special Cat Carrier?

Cat is going to travel

Of course, if you want to, you can do with a usual box or carry-on bag, but believe us, that is not the best option for your pet.

Carrying a cat in a simple bag is not only uncomfortable for the owner but also bad for the cat. The cat doesn't feel well enough in this container. At a minimum, such bags are not designed to carry cats. On the one hand, they don't have the necessary ventilation system to prevent the pet from suffocating, and on the other hand, they don't have a sturdy and dense floor for the cat to feel safe and secure when he or she gets up to stretch the paws.

There are no special viewing windows in a regular bag to make your cat feel confident and safe. In general, a usual bag is not suitable for transporting cats on any side, and your pet should feel comfortable being carried and transported.

An unfortunate trip can be a very stressful one for a cat.  After all, these pets appreciate comfort, security and special bags for carrying and transporting are ideal for them. Anyway, the animal is securely closed and does not run away if it was afraid of suspicious environments and transport jolts, on the other hand, it is comfortable and cosy there and the cat feels safe.

Cat in a suitcase

When taking your cat out of the house, you should consider that he or she should feel comfortable, observe what is happening from the outside and of course, feel the presence of his or her owner. And all these criteria will be provided by a modern cat carrier.

We recommend that you spend the money once on high quality, practical and convenient carrying bag and protect your cat from being stressed. And, modern carriers do not belong to the ultra-expensive purchases. After all, buying a carrier is not a regular expense.

Almost all carrier types are available on the Internet on various websites with detailed parameter descriptions. Sellers and consultants, as well as photos of products, will help you to choose the most suitable option and at a reasonable price.

Cat on vacation

When choosing a cat carrier, consider its purpose, i.e. the carrying case.  Do you need a bag for short distances (home – veterinary clinic) or for transporting your pet for long distances (in the plane, train, etc.)? In the second case, you'll need a stronger and more spacious (including waterers and bowls) carrier and a secure lock. The cat should be comfortable and safe on the road.

The most important criterion when choosing a cat carrier is the comfort of the cat. It is natural that cat bags are designed to be comfortable for cats. Long-term cat carriers have a special mesh and a removable cushion to make it easier to clean the bag and make your cat feel comfortable. In addition, there are always compartments for different cat items (bowls, brushes, food bags, toys, etc.). Thus, there is no need to bring another handbag for personal belongings. The cat carrier will easily perform all the functions.

It is necessary to adhere to some general requirements to make the purchase a rational and not a waste of money choosing a cat carrier.

The Main Rules for Buying Cat Carrier

Transparent Pet Cat Carrier Backpack

When you start choosing a product such as a cat carrier, you need to pay attention to the indicators such as:

  • Durability of the bottom. If it's a bag or backpack, make sure the bottom is tough. The fact is that your pet will feel more secure if they feel the tough bottom under the paws. Thanks to such bottom, you'll be able to place a water bowl and a bowl of food for your pet.
  • Secure lock fasteners. The cat carrier should be locked tightly and securely in place, otherwise, your cat may run away at first convenience
  • Material of the bag. It should be strong enough to carry more weight than your pet. Cats, like other animals, are just as susceptible to allergic reactions as humans are, so a carrier made of inert material is your choice.
  • A carrier should be of the optimal size, it should not be small or large. The ideal option is when your pet can lie there and stretch out the paws. The cat shouldn't have to be confined in space; he or she can easily get up and turn around.
  • Opening for the entrance. It can be located at the top and/or side, and you can choose the most convenient way for your cat to enter or exit, depending on the bulkhead.
  • Window for visibility and ventilation (if it is a bubble backpack). There must be a viewing window in the design, which must be fenced in to ensure that the cat's carrier is well ventilated and illuminated. Some models have slots or slots in place of the viewing window that is spread out over the entire carrying case.
  • It is desirable that the carrier has space for drinking bowl (especially important for long journeys).

The owner chooses a bag for his cat

If you have a choice between buying an inexpensive carrier and carrying a little more expensive but of better quality, think about the health of your pet. The fact is that cats are very sensitive to stress and drafts, so is it worth putting your pet at risk if you can buy a better bag. In addition, if you are not sure of the quality of a bag, a favourable review of a bag is your choice, because it is better to trust the experience of other owners of fluffy pets.

You cannot but agree that any accessory, even if it is an animal carrier, should have an attractive appearance. Here too, cat carrier bags are highly appreciated. They are created with all the requirements of fashion: a variety of design, colour and materials, as well as jewellery in the form of rhinestones, rivets, sequins and embroidery. Comfortable, reliable, high-quality, with windows and doors, made of ecologically clean materials at the best prices – all for a comfortable journey of your pet. It’s up to you!

Types of Cat CarriersPet Cat Carrier Bag

There are different types of cat carriers (bags, backpacks, wicker baskets). Each type of item has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular and сommonly used are the following:

  • Carrying bag. This type of carrier is most often made of hypoallergenic synthetic material. This is their advantage due to the ease of storage and cleaning.
  • Tent bag looks like a cottage or tent. This bag holds its shape perfectly due to its rigid frame.
  • Wheeled bags are skeleton bags with four wheels at the bottom. Thanks to them, the animal is very convenient to transport. They are intended for travel to other countries when you need to bring suitcases with your pet.
  • Cat stroller is another relatively new type of transportation. It is very convenient for your pet and is made of modern materials using the latest technology. The stroller is light and stable, has a roof made of dense material to protect your cat from sunlight.
  • And the last one, but probably the best type of cat carrier for both animal lovers and veterinarians who professionally assess safety – cat backpack.
Cat Pet Carrier Backpack

With such a carrier, you can not worry about the fact that the animal sitting in it can be left somewhere: the cat will be peacefully in the backpack on the back of the owner and will not disappear anywhere. Such a carrier allows the pet to feel your presence, to hear your voice.

It is about the cat backpacks that we will talk about in more detail now, learning all their properties and features.

A Perfect Cat Backpack

Carrying backpacks are available in a variety of synthetic and natural textiles. You can choose the product that suits you best. Backpacks with natural materials (linen, for example) on their sides and a well-washed bottom are considered the best choice. Such products are very convenient to clean. there are different types of cat backpacks – cat hiking and breathable mesh cat backpack, design or handmade and usual, backpacks for kitten, bubble cat backpacks (or “the fat cat”) and many others. Pets can be carried in any of these carriers.

The owner with his cat on vacation

This cat carrier can have one or two straps, the top handle. The most practical and convenient variant of such an item has two straps and a handle. Such a carrier can be worn on the shoulders and in the hand. The sidewalls of the carrying backpacks can be made of thick or soft textile.

Backpacks made of dense materials are suitable only for short walks, as being in an uncomfortable position and endless shaking can cause the animal to vomit or provoke stress.

So, there are a number of tips you should follow choosing a perfect backpack for your favourite. 

Tip # 1. Obey the Top Priority List

Pet Cat Carrier Backpack

When you start choosing a product such as a cat backpack, you need to pay attention to factors such as:

  • Durability of the bottom of your backpack. Make sure the bottom of a backpack is hard. The fact is that your pet will feel more secure if they feel the hard bottom under their feet. Thanks to the hard bottom, you'll be able to place a water bowl and a bowl of food for your pet.
  • Secure fasteners. The cat backpack carrier should be locked tightly and securely in place, otherwise, your cat may run away at his first convenience.
  • Material. It should be strong enough to carry more weight than your pet.
  • Entrance hole. It can be located at the top and/or side, and you can choose the most convenient way for your cat to enter or exit, depending on the bulkhead. 

    Window for visibility and ventilation. There must be a viewing window in the design, which must be fenced in to ensure that the cat's backpack is well ventilated and illuminated. Some models have slots in place of the viewing window that is spread out over the entire carrying case.

Tip # 2. Keep in Mind Pros and Cons of a Cat Backpack

Most backpacks are made of plastic or dense material. They are much more durable than lightweight mesh models, so they are more suitable for frequent, long journeys. In crowded places, you can be sure that someone will fall on the backpack and damage it, or you can be afraid that the animal will be uncomfortable with it. When using backpacks, there is less risk that the cat will tear the carrier. If dogs attack you and your pet, they won't be able to hurt the animal due to the robust body of the product.

Pet Cat Carrier Backpack

When transporting a cat in this type of carrier, your hands remain free. This is convenient, especially if you have brought a lot of other things with him. Carrying a bag with a cat on your back is easier, not as bad as in your hands – the load is distributed evenly, without curving your spine. Despite the fact that backpacks can weigh more than other types of carriers, they are more convenient to use.

Thanks to the soft padding, the backpack is comfortable. The width of the backpack can be adjusted using the clips. The sling with a carabiner will not allow even the most active pet to escape.

An important advantage of backpacks is that a cat being closer to you behave more calmly. The pet won't have to sit in a dark and tight space, causing fear. Since the backpacks are small, you can put them on their knees and watch the behaviour of the pet.

Tip # 3. Use a Cat Backpack Carrier Properly

 Pet Travel Carrier

For owners whose cats have never been transported before, it's best to try to put their cats there in advance, without putting them off at the last minute. Start a few days before the date. If the animal resists, do not use force. It's best to place the backpack in a prominent place, try to lure your pet to it with a treat, or just call him quietly. You can put the food around the cat carrier backpack or put it right inside. Then step back and watch from a distance. If your cat gets inside, you shouldn't lock him up too much – you'd better praise him and wait for him to get used to it.

Another good way to lure your pet in is to put there the bedding he or she used to lie on. It's best to put the carrier where the sun goes down to enhance the effect. Lying on a favourite bed and in the warmth, the cat will not perceive the backpack as something unusual, uncomfortable and all the more frightening.

Сat in a carrying bag

Even the most convenient backpack for your pet will cause irritation in due course. You can avoid this and panic if you put his favourite toy in the backpack. To prevent him from getting sick on the road, do not feed your pet later than 3-4 hours before transportation.

In general, the less negative associations a cat has with a backpack, the better it will be able to withstand transportation.

In winter, however, it is necessary to insulate the carrier so that the cat does not freeze (e.g. with felt). It is advisable to make sure that the cat does not become crowded inside.

Tip # 4. Be Aware of Size and Weight

Сat in a carrying bag

The means of the carrier must be selected according to the size of the animal. It must be ensured that the cat can take different poses inside the device. In order to save space when storing the product, a folding structure is preferable. When it is tempting to buy a lightweight backpack, there is a danger that a strong cat will get rid of it in a short time.

You can choose the right backpack for your pet according to the table below.

Backpack size

Pet weight

Pet breed

43x19x28 cm

up to 1-4 kg

singapore cat, snowshoe cat, tiffany cat, turkish angora cat, cartesian cat, etc.

47x23x30 cm

up to 5-7 kg

selkirk rex shorthaired, neva masquerade cat, maine coon, chinese li hua cat, etc.

53x25x32 cm

up to 10 kg

norwegian forest cat, persian cat, siamese cat, cheshire cat, scottish straight cat, etc.

Unfortunately, cats of more than 10 kg cannot be transported in backpacks. Moreover, you have to remember that. Not making your pet uncomfortable or damaging the carrier.

Tip # 5. Make Sure the First Few Trips are Short and Enjoyable (not the vet!)

Different breeds of cats

You should love the backpack for your pet because it is a safe place for your pet when you leave and plus it gives him or her a place to sleep if they are tired. The key to making sure that any animal carrier is a safe place for your cat is to have him in your home at all times, smelling like home and not being associated with negative factors such as a vet's visit. When you get your new backpack, make sure that the first few walks are in places your pet likes. Pets can really love their backpack, sit in it when they're home and when they go out, it's a race to get to sit in as fast as possible.

Additionally! Useful tricks for loving owners!

To approach responsibly the question of the correct choice of a cat carrier, it is good to use simple tricks:

  • first, you should not save money. Too cheap backpacks are usually of poor quality. They may not be able to withstand the onslaught of the animal for a long time and may break;
  • buy such products better in shops specializing in selling similar products and having a good reputation;
  • you have to consider the purpose of the purchase. Choose a proper backpack for your pet in reference to your trip (rare journey, air travel, etc.)
  • you should take your cat with you when you go shopping. Once you've identified the models you like, you should let your cat choose what he or she likes. After all, the pet will have to be inside during the journey, and he should evaluate the new means of transportation;
  • you have to smell the material of the backpack to make sure that it does not smell like a bad thing.

All these tips are quite simple and well known, however, it is their observance that will allow you to choose the right, safe and reliable carrying backpack for your favourite pet. By purchasing such a universal device, you can forget about the inconveniences and dangers of travelling together with your cat. In addition, it is this kind of cat backpack that makes it possible to walk the animal safely every day.

Funny pet cat showing a summer hat on sea

So, now you're ready to go out there and go on an adventure! We wish you a safe and exciting trip!

Have you any questions or tips you can share? Let us know about it in the comments.