How To Choose A Laptop Backpack: Types and Features

Mobility is a modern trend, so laptops are hard to do without. Perfect and convenient if the gadget is ready to follow you everywhere, from the training desk and table in the cafe, to the nearest park or beach of an exotic country. To make travelling together comfortable and safe not only for you, but for your favorite gadget, you should worry about buying a suitable backpack for it.

Laptop Backpack: Introduction

laptop backpack

The backpack is the most convenient way to carry your laptop. Without exaggeration!

Firstly, except for the laptop itself you can put there all other things you want to carry.

Secondly, the laptop is easier to carry on your back than in the bag, and your hands remain free.

Thirdly, the presence of expensive office equipment is not evident to pickpockets, as it is not visible from the outside what the contents of the backpack consists of.

Fourth, this type of carrying perfectly protects the gadgets, as from mechanical damage (blows, squeezing, moisture in case of rain), and from the same pickpockets.

As most backpacks have elements of anti-theft protection in the form of hidden zippers, code locks, incisal plates or design features that make it difficult to access the compartment with a laptop.

safety anti-theft lock

It is not surprising that laptop backpacks represent the largest line of products in the assortment of many brands. With our help, you can easily find exactly the backpack that fits your wishes in appearance and functionality. We introduce models in different styles, taking into account modern trends. Choose your own and enjoy the daily comfort with your super laptop backpack. To buy a quality backpack you just need to know the selection criteria and decide on the budget. The given article, offering a rating of qualified and popular kinds, is your cheat sheet.

Best Laptop Backpack: What To Look For

Best Laptop Backpack


Often, laptop owners even know how to choose a backpack, so grab one that fits the size. This is not the only parameter. It should be also waterproof.

Another important point is strong bottom. Otherwise, it is enough one awkward movement that the laptop flew out through it and crashed. When buying a backpack also pay attention to the quality and material of straps. To learn that the product is intended for laptop transportation, it is possible in the presence of a special compartment. Sometimes the compartment is additionally separated by a reinforced safety net. In addition, there should be a separate section for accessories.

Popular models differ not only in colour and design, but also in the type of construction. It is recommended to choose from backpacks with a firm, straight back. This means that the backpack is comfortable to wear and the load on the back is evenly distributed.

It's not enough to choose a sturdy backpack, perfect when it doesn't get wet.

Choosing a backpack, mention, size matters! Your notebook should fit easily into it. At the same time, do not buy a backpack for growth, the device is vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Backpack is ideal for active people. Among the other products designed to transport a laptop, it has the following advantages:

  • It protects against various mechanical damages;
  • The backpack is almost impossible to drop by accident;
  • It is convenient to transport 17-inch and heavy laptop models.

So now you definitely know what to look for!

What Is Laptop Backpack For Women

laptop backpack for women

Just like fashionable dresses with pockets or skinny jeans, a good backpack can make your life brighter. Backpacks are no longer just for children or tourists, these days backpacks come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors, and are for everyone.

Surely, among all the types and varieties of laptop backpacks, women's ones occupy a separate niche. For no one but women, color, style and decoration of the backpack does not play such an important role.

But do not think that when buying such a necessary and important product women pay attention solely to its appearance. Women's laptop backpacks have their own characteristics, pros and cons, as well as all the others. It is necessary to consider everything weight of a backpack, its volume and, certainly, its carrier system.

To help you make up your mind, we offer you several options of the best backpacks. This article will help you make a choice

17 Inch Laptop Backpack – Size Matters!

Sometimes it seems that all laptop backpacks are made in the same size. But it is erroneous. First, the size of the backpack depends on the display diagonal. The most part of average and compact models are intended for laptops with a diagonal to 15 inches. But there are exceptions among the compact backpacks, where there are models for 12 or 17 inches.

Backpacks for laptops from 17 inches should provide uniform loading on shoulders and be able to release hands. You'll be able to take extra accessories and everyday things with you. A large notebook is great, but in addition to the advantages it offers over its smaller counterpart, it has a number of challenges for its owner.

First, it is usually heavy. And if you have to take it with you, you would like it to be really convenient. That is, it is better to choose a backpack as a carrier, because it is easier to carry it on the back than in a bag by hand or on a long strap.

Second, a big notebook will not fit into any backpack. As of today, several models have been developed specifically for laptops with a diagonal of 17 inches. They are reliable, practical and stylish. They are perfect for both daily trips around the city and for long journeys. With their help your laptop will be protected from rain, blows, squeezes, and you can enjoy comfort all the way.

There are a number of requirements for a 17-inch laptop backpack:

  • Compartment protected and reinforced with a soft seal;
  • Comfortable and wide straps, adjustable;
  • Thick handle for carrying;
  • Material: dense fabric (polyester)

Waterproof Laptop Backpack – What For?

waterproof laptop backpack

The waterproof backpack is a backpack that can be loaded tens of meters under water, and even for a long time. At the same time, not a single drop will seep in, your laptop and all things will remain dry. The ideal extreme accessory for the underwater treasure hunter or kayak daredevil.

You can create a 100% waterproof backpack in several ways, but it will always come down to the basic things: materials, design technology and the level of potential costs.

Materials must be waterproof. One of the most effective ways to assemble a waterproof backpack today is by ultrasonic welding. This is a complex and relatively rare technology and is only used to create waterproof things.

Management of such equipment is entrusted only to highly qualified specialists. Sewing in this way is a cross between art and science.

Not every fabric will fit under the ultrasonic soldering, so if you're going to buy a 100% waterproof backpack, be prepared to lay out a lot of money, because the total cost is much higher than the usual satchels.

The waterproof laptop backpack doesn't look like the ones you're used to. It is not ugly, but you will not go to a business meeting. Every access is a place of risk through which water can get in, so it's single and usually equipped with a lot of security systems. Most backpacks are top-loaded.

Also, the backpack can use extra-strong waterproof zippers (many of the advertised zippers are just waterproof). This is also a very expensive and complex material, created by top-class specialists.

How To Choose A Leather Laptop Backpack: 7 Rules

leather laptop backpack

  1. Material

    If you have already decided to buy a leather backpack, choose a genuine leather. If you can still choose a bag of eco-leather then the backpack should be definitely made of natural material. Especially if it will be exposed to heavy loads.

    Cutting backpack often involves bends, and if you choose such a model from the artificial leather, in these areas will soon appear creases. All the more so because the skin always looks expensive and lasts a very long time.

  2. Size

    To determine the correct size, think in advance, what laptop diameter you will wear in it. If the small laptop and the minimum of things (phone, keys, notebook and some more trifles) is necessary, you quietly take a small model.

    If there is a necessity to take with itself the laptop with the big diagonal and other dimensional things, we recommend more volume models.

  3. Compliance with growth

    To ensure that your backpack does not spoil your posture, it must fit comfortably and tightly to your back and fit your height. A practical solution is the ability to adjust the size of the handles by yourself.

  4. Handles

    Lamps should be given special attention: they should be wide enough to sit comfortably on their shoulders. They should not rub your skin or crash into it. They should be strong enough in themselves to be sewn in place.

  5. Compartments

    The number of compartments in your backpack must be tailored to your specific needs. Simply decide what is most comfortable for you.

  6. Waterproof

    A laptop soaked in the backpack and other things can cause a lot of trouble. The skin itself gets wet. That's why you don't have to worry about the permeability of a quality leather product: things will be reliably protected from moisture.

  7. Style Matching

    Leather backpack is able to harmonize with almost any style: with casual, smart casual, romantic, but not sporty, – in this case, it is worth to take a look at the rag variants.

Backpack With Laptop Sleeve. What Are They And How To Choose?

laptop sleeve

Backpack-sleeve – compact and lightweight, and protects the laptop from scratches and dust. They are mostly made of synthetic materials (polycarbonate, polyurethane, leather, felt, neoprene, nylon). More expensive variants are made of natural felt and leather.

Backpacks with laptop sleeve are the thinnest among such bags. Rather, it is a kind of case that fits snugly to the laptop. The popular silicone laptop sleeves can be used to protect the laptop during transportation in a car or actually carrying in a backpack.

The sleeve cover follows the shape of the gadget. This, perhaps, is its main task – to protect laptop against dirt and possible damage.

The main advantages of such products:

  • They are light and compact;
  • There is a possibility to choose colors according to the backpack itself and the floor of the owner
  • They are less costly than volumetric devices
  • There are a wide range of colors and styles
  • The laptop backpack sleeve can have handles for independent carrying.

All this allows you to choose the protection according to your style and specifications.

Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

This type of backpack is the most technologically advanced and available in a laptop.

The slim laptop backpack holds everything you’d need (and more) for most workdays, keeps it all organized and accessible, and should fit in at most offices.

Who this is for: If you’re living the active life or have the compulsion to carry every piece of tech with you on your back, the slim laptop backpack does more than hold everything—this pack keeps stuff organized and available for you when you need it.

The slim laptop backpack is extremely well organized.

Why it’s great: This bag holds and organizes an impressive amount of gear without bulging or becoming disorganized. Moreover, although some people don’t like its techie aesthetic, its ultra-functional organization is great if you carry many small things and want each of them to have a dedicated spot. Besides, the wide shoulder straps and back padding distributed the weight well.

The main pocket has a sleeve suitable for a laptop up to 17 inches, and the backpack itself has a separate tablet pocket that you access upright. But the real organizational strength lies in the front pocket, which has an arrangement of storage options and serves as a built-in cable organizer on the front of your backpack. The pocket hinges sideways – “like opening the refrigerator,” as one of our testing-panel participants put it – so you don’t have to dig down into the bowels of the bag to access all of the cords, adapters, or small fiddly bits that you carry with you to make your product work.

Choosing A Laptop Travel Backpack

17 inch  Laptop Backpack

At least a couple of times a year we go out of town. And the backpack usually helps out in such situations. Of course, we often take a laptop with us. Someone needs it as entertainment, to work out photos or simply to track the route of travel. Someone takes a laptop with them to continue working even during the holidays for instance, as a freelancer. When choosing a suitable model of the backpack for travel you need to consider where and how much you go, which backpack will completely fit you and meet all the requirements. It should have an optimal volume, water resistance, a lot of different compartments and fixing chest or lap straps.

Here's what you need to know about laptop backpack for travel:

separate laptop compartment – it must be sealed to protect the laptop from impacts. Some backpacks have a separate laptop sleeve;

  • many compartments – at least two, or better still four.
  • good quality, durable fabric – backpack is thrown on the floor in the bus or on the ground, sitting on top waiting for the train and much more.
  • reliable fittings – zippers and fasteners must be strong, easy to unbutton, fasten and withstand 100% clogged backpack.
  • comfortable backrest, wide straps, detachable belt;
  • ventilation – if you travel in the summer, choose a backpack with a mesh ventilated back.
  • undoable upper valve – useful when you need to reduce the size of the backpack and take it with you to the plane.
  • reflective stripes are important for hitchhiking.

Military Inspired Tactical Laptop Backpack

Military Army Tactical Backpack

Whether you're looking for the perfect outdoor backpack or a daily backpack to carry your laptop, finding the right tactical backpack will help you maximize storage space and maintain comfort in the most challenging conditions.

You can organize all the necessary things for the journey and of course the laptop using a first-class tactical backpack. These reliable backpacks were originally designed to withstand the rigors of military operations. As a result, they are perfect for long business trips, hiking and everyday use. Specialized pockets and compartments allow you to place your laptop and other things, providing easy and quick access to them. Tactical backpacks are also made with waterproof materials, universal straps for external fastening of additional items. The backpack has protective compartments for electronic transportation.

Tactical backpack is designed in such a way as to provide maximum useful volume, without losing the ergonomics and convenience of use. This is done to ensure that you get the rated performance with maximum comfort.

Additional compartments, together with the main laptop one, provide ample space for things, other electronics and accessories. You can also place water containers in your pockets.

Tactical backpacks are equipped with external straps as well as elastic shoulder straps for easy transport. Fully equipped with intelligent features and optimized for harsh environments, the tactical laptop backpack is perfect for all conditions.

Business Laptop Backpack: Key Features

Business Laptop Backpack

The range of business backpacks has been actively developing in recent years. In contrast to the heavy and bulky leather giants, who were monopolists in their field a few years ago, just a couple of years ago, there were many technological and stylish solutions from modern brands. Sooner or later, the best is gathered together, so that the hybrids did not make themselves long wait. We tell about the most worthy representatives and their main characteristics.

Daily business backpack for students, office workers and business people is a comfortable, lightweight and durable model, often with a strict classic design. The thought over internal functionality of a backpack allows placing rationally all things necessary during a day for work or study: a laptop, a tablet, documents etc. The organizer panel with a clavicle-keeper is provided for small subjects. Backpack is suitable not only for daily use in urban areas, but also for short business trips, short trips.

The product is made of waterproof material, resistant to tears and wear, does not burn out in the sun, well tolerate cleaning, and retains its properties and appearance for a long time. Durable zippers and fittings are used, which can be easily and smoothly unzipped and fastened.

Additional features of the business laptop backpack:

The backrest is sealed;

  • The main compartment can have several laptop and tablet pockets of different sizes;
  • The soft top handle (almost always);
  • The hinge for suspension.

Best Laptop Backpack For College Students

Laptop Backpack For College

When summer comes to an end, our mind begins to focus on the coming school year. If you're just starting college or returning to school for another year, you'll need a functional and trendy backpack. And the one that can safely carry your laptop.

It should fit all your college textbooks and provide safe and secure storage for your laptop and other gadgets. We know there are a lot of options, but of course you need the best one! We’ll help you!

You can make your choice easier and faster if you get acquainted with the main pros of laptop backpack for college. There aren't many of them, but they all play mega important role:

  • Main material: nylon
  • Type: outer frame
  • Features: waterproof
  • Type of clasp: zipper
  • Carrier system: arched shoulder
  • Type of handle/belt: soft handle (more often)
  • Inner part: laptop compartment inside

In addition, it should be noted that the backpack for college is probably the most flexible, the least expensive and stylish one. This is the backpack can be suitable for any sex (most unisex models), represent a variety of colors and prints, and fully reflect your worldview and today mood. So the choice is yours!

So, in this post we have faced different types of laptop backpacks their main characteristics and functions. The choice is always up to the customer! Another question is that it should be well thought out, that then there was no pity wasted time and, of course, money. We really hope that our material will help you to make a right choice. Your satisfaction and feedback is very important to us!

We look forward to your questions!