Do you need a mini backpack? Absolutely, yes!

Many buyers mistakenly associate the word "backpack" exclusively with huge accessories for travel or business. Young people and older people want to buy a mini backpack. Why? Everything is simple: such an accessory combines style, comfort and practicality at the same time. In addition, a mini backpack is supposed hand luggage, it can be taken on a trip and decorated according to your taste.

Women Mini Backpack

Correctly picked up it will satisfy all requirements and become irreplaceable very quickly. The main thing is to make the right choice.

Let's start by looking at the most general principles for choosing a small backpack. We are sure, you’ll choose the one.

What do you need to consider when choosing a mini backpack?

Mini Backpack for Women

There are several basic criteria that we need to address. Briefly, they look like this:

  • Comfort is the first and most important one – no matter how beautiful the backpack is, if it is not convenient, there will be no use from it.
  • Material. Water resistance, lightness, beauty – all these are the properties of the fabric that you need to look for. There are many variants.
  • Adaptability to specific needs. You need to consider whether the backpack has all the necessary compartments, whether it is large enough.
  • Quality of execution. Things that don't seem to matter at first glance, such as the shape of the zipper, can have a big impact on how much and how well the backpack will serve.
  • Design. The backpack should be stylish, but you should not look at it in the first place, only after making sure that it is also reliable and comfortable.

However, let's dwell on the other criteria.

Comfort. There are two main factors that affect how comfortable a mini backpack is for a city.

Straps. It's up to them how well the weight will be distributed. To mention this, you need to pay attention to:

Width – the shoulder straps will be too narrow;

Softness – too hard straps will also be painful to push;

Ventilation – the straps should have special grooves on them, which will provide access to air and prevent clothes from getting wet;

Clips – should be reliable and move easily enough to change the length of the strap at any time;

Mini Backpack for Women


The materials used to make backpacks can be divided into two large groups.

External materials: the backpack itself is made of them and its characteristics depend on them.

Among them:

  1. Gabardine. Light, dense and soft.
  2. Tapestry. Heavy decorative fabric with ornament.
  3. Denim, he is a denim fabric. A perfect variant for a decorative mini backpack for women.
  4. Canvas. Durable two-layer fabric, very resistant to wear and tear, waterproof and shapeless.
  5. Nylon. The most common material for city backpacks.
  6. Eco-skin. Small leather backpacks are almost never natural – they are made mainly of eco- leather. No animals are killed for its manufacture, so it is considered an environmentally friendly material. That is of great importance today.
  7. Suede. Pleasant to the touch, gentle fabric that keeps in shape and looks just magical.

Fashion Mini Women Backpack

Lining. Used to hide seams and provide additional strength. For its manufacturing are used:

  1. Atlas. Dense and does not electrify, but easily absorbs any moisture. So, it is better to choose another lining material.
  2. Viscose. Durable and cheap, but easy to slide.
  3. Polyester. Does not absorb moisture and is easy to care for, but - pure synthetic.
  4. Grid. Material similar to the fishing net, which is used to form the branches and decor of the backpack.
  5. Tapestry: elegant and stylish. Elegant, heavy and decorative fabric with relief ornament.

When buying a backpack it is important to pay attention to the way the fabrics are combined and how light it is, thanks to them, comfortable and waterproof.

Once you have decided on the actual comfort and materials, you should pay attention to additional functions that provide the basic comfort of the user.

And, of course, design.

Cat Women Mini Backpack

Bright colours, numerous accessories – backpacks can be very different, and you need to choose the one you need very carefully. It can be perfect in terms of reliability, but absolutely tasteless in design – or just not suitable for the particular case. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor two parameters.

A combination of elements of the backpack itself. It should be kept in the same style.

All colors in it should be combined with each other. Any inserts - be it embroidery, other fabrics or accessories – must be significant and support the overall concept, not fall out of it. It is especially important when it comes to bright options, otherwise you will look stupid.

Anyway, your choice will largely depend on your lifestyle and habits.

Once you've decided what fabric your backpack is made of and how it is decorated, it's high time to decide what type of mini backpack you actually need.

TYPES OF mini backpacks. Exactly for you!

A city mini backpack

A city mini backpack is the thing that suits everyone, and every customer can find something in it for him-herself. Modern, stylish and convenient that will emphasize your personality!

Mini backpack for women and girls

A mini backpack is a real must have for women and girls who want to be in a trend today.

Backpacks, which were at the top of their popularity in the 90s, quickly broke into the fashion podiums of Paris and London, but in a new style. Almost all fashion houses presented mini backpacks in their collections. Let's follow fashion trends and figure out how to combine this stylish accessory so as not to look like a schoolgirl or Mrs. when there is no need.

Of course, the first place among women's mini backpacks are designer ones. The models flaunted with mini backpacks at the Zara, DKNY, Alexander Wang, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, and even Chanel and D&G shows.

Leather mini backpacks are an undeniable favourite, and can be made of thick or thin leather, or even synthetic leather or vinyl. The designers decorate them in different ways: the recognizable diagonal stitch in Chanel's backpack, the leather fringes of Topshop, the metal rivets of Rebecca Minkoff, and the urban minimalism of Alexander Wang.

Winter backpacks are sewn even from fur!

Rabbit Mini Backpack

For the summer the designers offer backpacks made of textiles. Fashionable backpacks are no longer an element of sports style.

Some are glamorously decorated with animalistic or floral prints combined with sequins and beads.

Stylish mini backpack combines with almost any clothes. It fits perfectly into the urban sports style and casual style. The only exception is the white and red backpacks. They are very fashionable, but you need to know exactly what they can be combined with.

For example, a red mini backpack is not just a stylish accessory, but also a signal to all people around you to get attention. A scarlet backpack can be safely combined with the clothes of classic colors: black, white, beige, gray. While a white backpack designed for more democratic variants. A jean jacket or a knitted cardigan, a light linen coat or a pleated skirt... it is up to you!

Among the most fashionable backpacks for girls, trendies and designers choose three ones: clear, studded and pink.

Clear backpacks is a fashionable toy that you can buy in the mood. When choosing a clear mini backpack you should pay attention to three points: shape, size and design.

Women Clear Backpack

The most unfortunate variant is a backpack made of soft plastic, which does not keep its shape. It looks untidy. When you look at such an accessory, you remember the shopping bags. It is important to remember that a clear backpack is kitsch. Therefore, models with fantasy design, made in bright color, look organic.

Mini studded backpack is another interesting variant for a teenage girl. It will suit both informal and those who appreciate their personal space and want to hint that it is better not to approach him too close.

In addition, the studs can now be bought separately and placed in the form of any figure on your backpack.

 Leather Backpack with Rivet

One mini pink backpack is almost the same as the other pink backpack, isn't it? The short answer is no! One look at the market and you'll quickly see how many shades of pink are available. In addition, there is the question of the intended use and even the number of pockets. Not all pink backpacks are the same.

Choosing a pink backpack is not an easy decision. It is necessary to pay attention to the size and material of the backpack. And the most important thing is to clearly define who will carry it and where.

Pink mini backpack, whatever may you turn, it's still an accessory for girls. It will look strange on a grown-up lady. It is better to abstain!

Otherwise, buying a pink backpack is no different from buying any other colored backpack. You need to be sure it's the right color for you, and then choose the actual shade and style you like the most.

Mini backpack for men and boys

Men Small Backpack

In the modern world the actual man's and boy’s accessory is considered a city mini backpack as such addition allows carrying set of useful subjects on long distances without effort, efforts and consequences for a backbone. On this basis, a good city backpack – a real catch! This stylish accessory will complement the image of a modern young man or a teenage boy with an active lifestyle and practical approach.

Compared to other types of men bags, backpacks remain the most popular and practical purchase.

A man with a city mini backpack creates the impression of an active person leading a healthy lifestyle, and a variety of styles allows you to choose an exclusive model for every day.

And yet, despite the all the variety of the market, the first place among mini backpacks for men and boys are black and leather, and of course black leather mini backpacks.

Black city mini backpack will be perfectly combined with sportswear or casual style. This item is designed for an everyday informal atmosphere, walks around the city with friends, school/university classes or trips to the countryside. For business meetings it is better to choose something different, for instance, a briefcase, for papers and laptop. A black mini backpack will be perfect for dark blue jeans and a light sweatshirt. And of course, a leather backpack will look the most advantageous.

Mini backpack for toddlers

Mickey Mouse Kid School Backpack

Purchasing a backpack for toddlers is a rite of parental passage. Having spent not less than a year – and perhaps up to two or three - to improve your own diaper packaging, you turn over the rulers and assign responsibility for packing "things of prime necessity" in the hands of the baby (most likely insane).

But to give your baby a mini backpack means to give him a chance to decide what will make him/her happy that day, whether it is favorite book, princess or car, or your TV remote control, that has been missing for a week. It means admitting his or her personal style – maybe your child is a minimalist who can drive away with one toy, or a restless hoarder who can fill a backpack to the brim.

Bee Kid School Backpack

Whether it’s for school or for travel, it’s important to find a toddler or kids mini backpack that’s the right size for their smaller frames, durable and easy to care for, and also lets them show a bit of their own personality with fun colors and prints.

Do we have to talk about the design... the choice is unbelievable. Your kid can express imagination!


We really hope that this information and our tips will help you make your choice!

If you find it difficult to find the necessary model of a mini backpack, please contact us for help, we are always ready...