Buying a Handbag – Mission Possible! 10 Types to Look For!

Main Characteristics of Handbags

There are a number of handbag characteristics that can tell a lot about their owners. Let’s take a look! The handbag reflects nothing less than that! – women's self-esteem. Looking at it, you can accurately determine whether a woman admires herself or not, and how far this respect stretches. In this case, the number of handbags is not taken into account, the quality is important: one, but good quality and expensive will outweigh a whole heap of kopecks and poor quality. It is the truth!

The number of handbags also characterizes their hostess, telling about whether she is a wholesome person or not, whether she likes to change. One handbag for the cold and one for the warm season suggests that the woman is conservative and does not like to change, neither in her own life nor in her own appearance. She likes to change handbags like gloves, or even more often, proactive, easy to get up and so willing to try on new images that sometimes it can look ridiculous.

Bag women

Volume. A housewife who cares about her house being rich will choose a bigger handbag. Such ladies have thought up well-known dimensionless string handbags ("avoska", popular today) in the Soviet Union time, in which it was possible to push everything, and in a considerable quantity.

 As a rule, the internal engine of such a woman is an alarm: she worries that she suddenly needs to buy something. On the other hand, she will need something that she will not have for some reason – it means that it is necessary to bring something with her. However, here's what's surprising: time has passed, and Genetic memory remains – anxious women still choose spacious handbags. Women less anxious oppose them, we can say carefree, who choose small handbags. 

The maximum that fits in it is the keys to the car and the apartment and a credit card. She is sure that everything else she will not need or she will easily buy it in the nearest shop. The logical question is: does this rule work at a time when large handbags are in fashion? Of course, there is no escape from fashion trends. However, we always have an alternative – a woman will choose the smallest of the large handbags, while a woman with high internal anxiety will prefer the largest.

Net bag

Content. As a rule, in any woman's handbag "lives" a lot of different things, but a woman household – unlike the non-farm – always knows what is there and, sticking her hand, without looking, can pull out the thing she needs. Such women are either afraid of chaos, or, being prone to it, have accustomed themselves to order. Order in the handbag – it is not when there are the right things, and when not lying unnecessary. In addition, everything should be clean, neatly folded and smoothed out. Chaos is crumpled paper, old checks and lipstick splinters. As for the items in the handbag, they reflect the hobbies and preferences of her mistress. That is why potential employers are asked to show what is in the purse of a job seeker at the job interview.

Style. The style of a handbag indicates whether the woman likes to stand out from the crowd or whether she likes to stay hidden. The woman chooses handbags of the appropriate – avant-garde, non-traditional – styles. Owners of classic bags, as a rule, do not like to attract attention to themselves, they are irritated by the views aimed at them – they feel more comfortable in the shade.

Colour of a handbag tells us what emotions the mistress has. For example, a woman who prefers black and white can be called a maximalist: she has literally torn apart by opposing, polar passions; in addition, she is very easy to move from joy to despair and back. They say that there are no halftones for them, the whole world they see in black and white scale, dividing people only into good and bad.  Lovers of pastel tones, on the contrary, are not inclined to mood swings, their emotions smoothly flow into each other, flashes and a declining state of mind are not characteristic of them.

Fashion Faux Fur Bag with Pearl Handles

No less than the details listed above can tell you about the owner of the handbag in her manner of wearing an accessory. Therefore, if you are used to holding the handbag by the handles – you are a punctual, practical, confident person. You can say that it is important for you to follow all the rules and regulations and you take care of your own dignity, trying to be in perfect shape in any situation. The way you hold this accessory in one corner is a sign of a certain carelessness. Usually, such women have a habit of losing a handbag or forgetting it in a cafe or transport. However, it does not come from distraction, but from excessive self-confidence. However, a handbag, worn on his shoulder, may indicate the cheerfulness of character. However, here too, nothing is so easy. If your hand is always raised to your shoulder and holds the handbag, most likely, you are very active and energetic. If the hand remains motionless and unwilling, it may indicate excessive shyness.  Finally, if a woman is used to carrying a handbag with an armpit, it is likely to be closed, but it is not shy, but serious, ambitious and independent. Of course, the above facts – not a dogma, because each person is different, and you can certainly add to the list of their own observations.

Every woman has a favourite handbag. Some can afford more than one, such as royalty. Let's see which types of accessories queens, duchesses and duchesses prefer.

Expensive, Democratic and Striking: Favorite Handbags of Monarchs

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is very consistent in her choice of accessories. At all the social events and receptions, 91-year-old Elizabeth appears with a lacquer handbag. The Queen's wardrobe has not one, but several different models at once. All of them are laconic in design, with one large compartment and short handles. In addition to the classic black, Her Majesty prefers white, beige and golden models.

patent bag

Danish Queen Margrethe II loves and wears handbags of different brands. The Queen doesn't have any "favourites" Margrethe comes out with more often than with other handbags. The queen also likes handbags made of lacquer or crocodile leather more, and she always has a shiny little clutch for special occasions.

Ladies Crocodile Flap Bag

Queen Leticia

There are python leather clutches, which are sometimes supplemented with large gems among the favourite handbags of the Spanish Queen Leticia.

The queen also loves the classic black clutches. Leticia in general, despite its status, can easily come out in a democratic outfit or with an inexpensive accessory. Leticia is always so graceful in front of the cameras that it is sometimes difficult to guess whether it is expensive or democratic. Such a simple approach to her own style is very pleasing to ordinary Spaniards, who can take an example from their queen.

Crocodile Pattern Shoulder Bag

British Duchess Catherine often chooses a small black clutch from the Mulberry brand for her public appearances. But during the trip, the Duchess always takes with her beige clutch that fits almost any dress.

The press even joked about Catherine, they say that Queen Elizabeth II is lucky with her daughter-in-law, she so saves the royal budget, often appearing in public in the same images.

Women Clutch

Women's handbag is one of the most important and popular women's accessories. We take the handbag with us to work, walk and party, it is everywhere and always with us. However, like any other piece of clothing, a woman's handbag is not so easy to pick up. After all, the purse, which will fit into the evening dress, is not suitable for sportswear or strictly business suit.

Below we will tell you some tricks and even rules that will help you to choose the right handbag based on your needs and style of clothes.


5 Rules for Choosing a Handbag

The first and, probably, one of the basic rules says that choosing a woman's handbag to remember that it will not just be a beautiful accessory, but also contain everything you need: a mobile phone, wallet, minimum cosmetics, a mirror, etc.

Nevertheless, do not be carried away with the size, and then from a beautiful accessory handbag can turn into a thing-bag.

The second rule. If you are not sure which colour of the handbag is more suitable for you, it is worth taking a woman's handbag in neutral colours. Moreover, the bright shoes perfectly fits the handbag in the tone of this shoe. Do not be afraid to try and experiment, sometimes adding a bright handbag and shoes, even the simplest outfit can be just stunning, bright and extravagant.

Lady and bag

Rule # three. The size of a woman's handbag has already been determined, but its weight has been forgotten. A handbag will accompany you almost everywhere, and it should not cause discomfort by the fact that it is very heavy and uncomfortable to carry on your shoulder or in your hands.

The fourth rule. Do you want to buy a woman's handbag for more than one season? Then you should choose a handbag made of genuine leather, in case of extreme cases of a leather substitute. Handbags made of fabric, straw handbags, handbags covered with velvet or some other soft material are suitable for one season.

Oil Leather Handbags

The fifth rule. If you stopped at the fact that a woman's bag should serve you for more than a year, then you should pay attention to the handbags of classic shapes and colours that will never go out of fashion, will always look elegant and stylish. Also, do not forget about the moderation of decorative details and finishes.

Lastly, a few tips on how to take care of a woman's purse:

  • Leather handbag should be periodically wiped with a damp cloth, after which it is worth applying a colourless cream or cream in the tone of the handbag, or you can use a simple nourishing cream. After 30-40 minutes, wipe the handbag with a soft dry cloth.
  • Suede women's handbag should be periodically wiped with eraser, rubberized cloth or cleaned with special devices designed for suede care. A suede handbag can also be washed in warm water, but in no case rub and squeeze!
Suede women's handbag

How to Find the Right Handbag?

If you are the owner of “luxurious forms”... the most suitable option is medium-sized products, but small handbags will have to be forgotten;

visually smooth the image and balance the figure will help the model with a clear geometric shape, but baggy handbags, on the contrary, emphasize completeness;

the ideal setting is a tout handbag with short handles for every day and a rectangular clutch as an evening handbag.

If you are tall and slim... you can show your figure most advantageously with the help of

  • maxi-size handbags;
  • short handbags aren't compatible with a lot of height;
  • large handbags like a hobo;
  • handbags with long handles;
  • large and soft clutch.

Bag Ladies Large

If you're slim but tiny... for tiny ladies hobos are too big, they pull to the ground and focus on growth;

small handbags – perfect, you'll be taller visually;

a handbag with a long belt is a good option, but you shouldn't let it hang below your thighs.

If you are medium height and medium size...

average handbag size is the best choice for you;

keep in mind that the smoother and softer the body line, the stiffer the handbag should be.

And a few more tips...

The exact location where the handbag is placed is visually increased, for example:

  • It makes the hips wider and balances the waist.
  • Some companies produce the same model in different sizes, learn more about it before you buy a handbag
  • Try a handbag on in front of the full-height mirror, go shopping with it, throw it over your shoulder;
  • The paper used to stuff the handbags does not allow them to lose their shape, and it is light enough. To see if the pens will crash, or if the handbag will look different with your things, put a cosmetic handbag or book inside.

 Large Women Leather Handbag

So, we have got acquainted, albeit briefly, with the basic information about women's bags: how to choose, buy, pick it up, and even whom to orientate, making a choice. Now it's high time to talk about the main types of fashion bags in 2019!

Types of handbags

To create a stylish look, we recommend using trendy handbags, cool options for women. After all, the bag has long ceased to be an object in which you wear personal belongings. The handbag is a unique detail of the wardrobe, which can tell a lot about its owner.

We have made a small investigation and found out what fashionable women's handbags the modern market has prepared for us. We invite you to the world of fashion trends – there will be a lot of great photos.

Type # 1. Baguette handbag style

Baguette Bag

The baguette handbag today has a new role to play this season – now it is paired not only with evening dresses and suits but also with democratic things from denim and eco-mechanism.

Famous handbag with rounded edges on a short strap, which is comfortable to wear under the arm, first appeared at the fashion show of the Fendi house in 1997. Decorated with plenty of feathers, beads, fur and mirror pieces, it was a compromise for the evening – more comfortable than a clutch, more elegant than a handbag.

Today, the baguette handbag has come back – designers include it in all their latest collections, but in a new quality. They offer a combination of handbags not only with evening dresses but also with the basic and business wardrobe.

Typical features of a handbag:

  • comfortable width belt, short handle,
  • hard bottom,
  • classic rectangular vertical shape,
  • simple silhouette.

Baguette Women Bag

Now, baguette handbags fans can add pastel shades, or with a complex, almost theatrical decor, to their collection.

Moreover, the brand team chose digital as the main channel of communication. The hashtag #BaguetteFriendsForever has already been launched in the network, as well as the series of commercials of the same name, which are dedicated not only to the handbag but also to women's friendship. In the best traditions of the "Sex in big city” serial.

By the way, it was this serial in its time and helped the "baguette handbag" to become so popular.

Type # 2. Bucket handbag

Bucket handbag

Do you know that the '70s are at the peak of fashion, right? For several seasons in a row, the so-called bucket handbag, a handbag that was originally considered an attribute of boho-chic and hippie subculture, remains relevant. Now the "bucket -handbag" exists not only with fringes and flowers but also in a minimalistic style or in monochrome shades. In general, everyone can pick up the variant of bucket handbag.

Bucket handbags are essentially buckets, but there are very soft models, semi-soft and shaped, with a clear bucket shape. I recommend choosing based on my own preferences to the shape of handbags and the main tasks. The completely modern fashion world uses different shapes for each type of appearance, adapting them correctly. Forget about all the rules and theories that limit your choice within the framework of natural data, go from tasks and your own comfort!

Ideal for looks where the image needs to be supported between the assembled and comfortable. Not too much office, but also not a shapeless handbag.

It is perfectly combined with sharp shoes on a heel, basic sneakers shoes, loafers, etc. "office" footwear at low speed.

Type # 3. Сlutch

Сlutch bag

A modern clutch is not so much a handbag as a stylish accessory and a necessary wardrobe item. And if earlier it was considered to be a women's accessory, nowadays men know what a clutch is. Moreover, for them separately there is a range of models. Each season all new types of clutches are in fashion, but the trend is stable – a compact handbag must-have!

Every season, designers develop different shapes and types of clutches – elegant handbags. The choice depends on personal preferences.

Classic clutch made of black patent leather or a substitute will be appropriate for both every day and business style clothes.

The everyday clutch is sewn in small size from soft material with finishing stitches and a chain that is wound on the wrist.

Evening version allows you to embody the riot of the imagination and create a unique image. It should be selected under the dress and with jewelry in the form of beads, rhinestones and fasteners. With such a rich finishing outfit on the girl should be restrained by design.

A simultaneous disadvantage and advantage of the clutch is its compactness. Initially, it was conceived to fit only the most necessary things in the purse: lipstick, credit cards and keys. Yes, if you take a bunch of keys from both the office and the village house, as well as a palette of lip glosses and a number of discount cards from the mall just in case, then there may not be enough space. A clutch is exactly the type of accessory that will be appropriate everywhere and always. It is always in the trend and is unlikely to come out of it for another 25 years.

Type # 4. Luxury Minaudiere

Luxury minaudiere

Minaudiere is a small cosmetic handbag that is distinguished by its unique and original design. Minaudiere is made of leather, using as a decoration precious stones and metals, according to the individual order of the client.

Nowadays, many fashion houses create minaudieres of different shapes. Moreover, they can be so bizarre that they do not even fit a simple mirror. However, this does not prevent fashionable women from buying and wearing them.

Minaudiere handbag is an evening accessory. It plays the role of an ornament to a greater extent. It is also sometimes called a "theatrical purse". After all, the minaudiere is perfectly combined with evening dresses and a solemn atmosphere. When choosing an evening restroom it is important not to overdo it with the decor. However, the lack of decor will look boring. Monotonous objects should be diluted with decorated accessories. Minaudiere of the original form, for example, in the form of a flower, can become the center of your image, on the basis of which you will choose and its other elements.

This handbag is designed more for festive occasions. However, evening and everyday fashion are now intertwined. Therefore, the accessories that used to be seen only in a festive atmosphere are now part of everyday life. You can meet a girl with a mini-girl on a regular walk or in a cafe. If the model is not shiny and has no excessive decor, it can be worn with everyday dresses and skirts. In this case, it is important to look at the compatibility of elements. Strongly decorated minaudiere is not suitable for the usual T-shirt.

Minaudiere is not just a box for things. Its real role is to be a decoration. Beautifully decorated stylish Minaudiere will help you to create a unique image and emphasize your individuality.

Type # 5. Hobo purse

Hobo Bag

Soft and spacious hobo handbag is in the wardrobes of more than 50% of the fair sex. It is comfortable and soft, allows you to contain many things. In addition, this model is suitable for almost any style of clothing. In our country, this accessory is simply called a "handbag", the true name of the "hobo" is not accustomed and very few people (professionals) call such a handbag that way.

Hobo is a spacious product made of soft material, which is ideal for shopping or visiting the gym. A slow strap and crescent-shaped style are the hallmarks of this accessory. Previously, there was no zipper or clasp at all in the product. Today, designers have corrected this mistake by making the products fastenable.

Inside this handbag consists of a single large compartment, in which the fashion designers have providently sewn a small pendant pocket. It will be useful for keys or trifles. In general, this handbag is very spacious and allows you to hold a large number of personal belongings in it.

Mention! When choosing such a handbag, it is necessary to clearly define the size of the product and the material of which it is made. The main thing is that such a handbag fits under most of the everyday wardrobe and convenient for carrying personal belongings.

In addition, it is worth choosing your own image to look really original and stylish. The handbag will fit almost any chosen outfit.

Type # 6. Messenger handbag: stylish everyday life

Messenger handbag

A modern messenger handbag is shaped and now resembled a courier bag. They are traditionally equipped with two handles: one short to carry in hand, the second – long, for ease of carrying on the shoulder. But sometimes you can find models that only have a long strap.

Usually, messenger handbags are closed with a capsule valve on a swivel lock. But in fact, there are a lot of ways to fasten such a handbag, for example, it can be magnetic buttons, and just a cape top without clasps.

Typically, messenger handbags have a large main compartment, which in some models can be zipped on. An important advantage of such a handbag is that it has a large number of spacious internal pockets for useful trifles, which can be easily and quickly removed if necessary. The stylish and trendy messenger pockets complement the overall design of this handbag.

Traditionally, the messenger handbag is carried directly or over the shoulder. Thanks to this, hands remain free, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. This handbag looks a little careless and at the same time very stylish, so perfectly complements the youth-friendly style of T-shirt + jeans. It also fits perfectly with casual clothes.

The main thing for messenger handbag is to emphasize the individuality of its owner. The more worn and worn the handbag, the more it will tell about its owner. In addition, the handbags decorated with different badges, pins, etc. are considered supermodern and stylish for several seasons already.

Type # 7. Shopper handbag

Shopper handbag

Every woman in her wardrobe should have a large handbag. Among a variety of models, fashionistas highlight a simple shopping handbag. It has long won the hearts of women because of its size and stylish design.

Shopper handbag – one of the beautiful models, which has qualities that are inaccessible to others. The product has a rectangular or square shape with comfortable and large handles, allowing it to be worn over the shoulder. A distinctive feature is that inside one department and there is no lock. The appearance is reminiscent of a household motto that can replace a large number of packages.

For most women, this accessory has become an indispensable element in the wardrobe. It is combined with business suits, casual outfits, included in a fashionable look in different styles. Decorative elements on the surface are absent, the simpler the model, the more solid it looks. Therefore, the attribute was awarded the title of master hew in the base wardrobe.

The design of the product resembles a similar version of the tote handbag, which also lacks a clasp and has handles over the shoulder. The superb design of the styling is different. The classic version is made of dense fabric, tapestry, sails and linen. It has two parallel handles and an open top.

A few tips for choosing a shopper:

  • should keep in shape;
  • straps should have an additional seam, which is responsible for the strength;
  • a shopper handbag with a bright decor should create the most spectacular style and cheer you up.

Type # 8. Framed or Frame handbag

Frame handbag

Are you a determined, strong woman? Do you know what you want from life and do not see any obstacles to get it? Then the "frame handbag” will become your companion, reflecting your character and grip. Comfortable, practical, with the most solid (as well as your views on life) frame, such a handbag will contain many things, from a cosmetic handbag to securities. In addition, you can be sure of their integrity and safety. This season in general popular handbags that need to be worn in hand, so the "Frame handbag" is already a priori is an actual and stylish option, and if you managed to find a model in the form of a trapeze or "grandmother's purse", then you and your purse just out of competition today!

Frame handbag is a medium-sized handbag with a rigid bezel in the area of the clasp. These handbags can be an excellent addition to the office image if the dress code is not rigid. In addition, connoisseurs of retro-image will be able to supplement their wardrobe with interesting handbags of this kind. Moreover, if you meet such a purse, you should know that as an evening version it could be a great addition.

Frame handbag has a solid frame, so it keeps its shape and does not bend. It is comfortable to carry things that should not wrinkle, flip over, crack, etc. Due to the dense bottom of the bag, it is easy to place all the necessary things, and the presence of additional pockets makes it easy to hide the little things. The classic frame handbag has one small carrying handle.

Type # 9. Modern wristlet handbag

Modern wristlet handbag

It wouldn't have been a strap, it would have been a clutch, but as soon as the clutch has a strap, it turns into a wristlet, which can be translated as a "bracelet handbag" or "wrist handbag". It is worn as a clutch, i.e. in hand, but there is insurance in the form of a strap.

Usually, it is a more or less flat frame-shaped handbag with a characteristic hinged sash or central clasp on the front. It does not have handles and long straps (can only have a small side strap for the wrist).

The English analogue of "envelope handbag" sounds like "wristlet", which literally translates as "strap/bracelet that is located around the wrist". Therefore, this category includes almost all handbags that can only be worn in the palms of the hand or that are fixed/worn near the wrist.

The wristlet can be quite large. Ideally (for a working reason) it should be larger than a standard document folder, so you won't have any trouble with the toe of the handbag.

However, remember, it will have to be worn all the time in your hand, so it is better to take the handbag to work on less "busy" days. For example, on Friday, to go with this spectacular accessory in a cafe or theatre/movie.

Type # 10. Saddle handbag – fashionable trend

Saddle handbag

It's a small handbag with a rounded bottom, something like a saddle, hence the name. It has a long strap or chain so it can be worn on or over the shoulder. The most popular model is narrowed at the top and with a rounded bottom. Very feminine and versatile, it fits into the daytime and evening look, sneakers, slippers and heels. Some models have suede or fringe inserts, which is also a fashionable trend, and these models blend perfectly with suede jackets, coats and skirts.

A long shoulder strap is added to the modern model of this handbag. It can be purchased separately, and carry the handbag as a classic way, on the shoulder, and fashionable - on the chest, throwing over one shoulder. The variety of shoulder straps gives freedom of choice and more in line with modern aesthetics.

Do not think of the saddle handbag as being too demanding on other things in character - it can be worn with anything. However, the simpler your ensemble is, the better this handbag will stand out.

Pants are the most obvious option for a saddle handbag.

In addition, in pair to a bright dress choose a monochrome saddle handbag, which, in fact, is universal and fits any outfit. This combination of outfit and handbags will allow them to emphasize the strengths of each other.

In a duet with a mini skirt, you can afford a saddle handbag of absolutely any colour. Because you will, in any case, look, bold and attract attention.

Saddle handbag

Ooh! Here are 10 main types of handbags, which are difficult for a woman to do without today. We have considered the detailed classification of handbags. What do you think? After all, it is easier to understand what type of handbags you like more. And it is much easier to live and choose with this understanding.J

We would like to connect addictions with psychology. After all, in different periods “punches " on different models, and it means something. We think now you are real smarts and experts in the handbag sphere! To any image, any colours and for any events you can competently pick up the right model of a handbag. Nevertheless, do not change your style, following the rules described above. Remember that a handbag is just a great way to emphasize it!

What kind of handbags do you prefer? Do you have thoughts, questions, and comments? Join the discussion in the comments section!