Backpack purse – practical accessory for fashionistas. 8 Most famous types!

Women Backpack Purse

For mobile, stylish and modern women and girls, men and boys designers of accessories offer a relatively new wardrobe item – a backpack purse. It is not a usual sports backpack, the image of which immediately pops up in our memory when using this word. The product is sewn with high-quality and is worn on the back thanks to special harnesses.

This backpack purse releases your hands, you can quickly and you can comfortably move around the city, having everything you need. An ideal accessory for a true citizen who enjoys an active lifestyle and appreciates style and comfort most of all. This backpack purse can be considered universal: you can take it with you to work, shop or for a walk and even out of the city. It will be appropriate everywhere.

Backpack Purse for Women in Different Colors

Do you still doubt? Well, then read our article and be in trend! We will offer you more practical reasons to change a standard purse to a modern backpack purse:

  • The backpack purse may be larger than your traditional purse and not look like a huge sack in your hand.
  • Modern backpack purses are equipped with special pockets and compartments for laptops, which can not but please in the working and educational everyday life.
  • Dress up the hook and hands free!
  • If you wear the right backpack for two shoulders, it is useful for posture.
  • Different backpack purses can satisfy any customer with all taste and age.
  • It can be either unconscionably big or cutely small. Choose to your liking.
  • Sturdy hinges, qualified hardware.
  • Wide range of colours. Choose a colour to suit your mood.
  • Pretty easy to care for. Brush and soap are great for dealing with dirt.

Backpack Purse as a Modern Trend

A backpack purse – the main fashionable trend

A backpack purse – the main fashionable trend of the 2019-2020 season. It becomes a great alternative to a usual shoulder bag. Times are changing and comfort and mobility are becoming increasingly important. The autumn-winter 2019-2020 season is characterized by the fact that many collections of famous designers have this accessory. Perfect leather dressing, embossing, decor with the help of fittings, unusual colours – all the existing ways of design of standard purses are used in the creation of backpack purses.

This accessory is very convenient, as it can hold more items than a regular bag or purse, and it is much easier to carry. Many designers use the "two in one" content: when unbuttoning the special helmet, the backpack turns into a regular purse. A great solution, which allows you to walk around the city all day, and in the evening to go to a cozy restaurant.

Choosing a Backpack Purse

Fashion Woman Backpack Purse

First, you need to understand what you need a backpack purse for.

For work and study. Such a backpack purse should contain an A4-size folder with important papers. By the way, this format quite corresponds to the size of a netbook. Buying a backpack purse, see if it fits into a folder and even your favorite book in addition. If yes – it is your choice. Despite the apparent volume, this backpack purse can look quite compact.

For walks. A little different format than in the previous paragraph. A backpack purse for walks should be spacious, but not necessarily such, as a work model. A cosmetic bag, a communicator, a bottle of perfume, a comb, napkins, lipstick and a favorite book – that's about a list of things you can find in a purse for walks.

For a laptop. There are special models of backpack purses created for laptops. They have all the necessary compartments and rubber bands that fixes the computer. Such backpack will be with a dense and fixed back.

A backpack purse is not designed to carry heavy objects. If you are sure that you will have this need – discuss it with the seller. We are sure that he will recommend an accessory with an anatomical backrest.

And of course you will have to pay attention to the following equally important characteristics.

Material. Of course, the ideal option in terms of quality – leather, but for quite a long time you can serve and fabric backpack purse. Avoid the leatherette – as a rule, it does not live long and "cheap" looks. It would be great to choose a waterproof material as well. The weather when you wear your new backpack can be so different. We advis you to look for material that is thick enough but lightweight.

Backpack Purse

Colour. Of course, a real fashionista prefers to have a few purses in her wardrobe – each with its own outfit – but from the point of view of practicality it is better to choose a backpack purse of neutral colour, without a fancy pattern.

The opposite situation: if you buy a backpack purse specially for decoration of definite dress – then, of course, the colour becomes the main task!

Compartments. Are there any additional internal or external pockets? It is unlikely that you will be comfortable using a purse that resembles a sack most of all.

Check if the length of the straps is adjustable and if there are additional straps?

Who is a backpack purse for?

Of course, first, a backpack purse is an accessory for women. However, a women's backpack purse, even the most elegant one, is unlikely to please ladies who adhere to the romantic or classic style of clothing. Nevertheless, it will be very good to help those who are always on the move, in sports, on the move!

Fashion Women Leather Backpack

The best "companions" for such a backpack are jeans or free denim skirt, bright T-shirts and shirts, knitted dresses in casual style. Of shoes, it is better to choose comfortable ballet, moccasins or even sneakers.

Colours. If you prefer the urban style, the models from fabric with bright patterns will suit you.

There are, as we reported earlier, special models of backpack purses, created for laptops. They have all the necessary compartments and rubber bands that fixes the computer. Such a backpack will be with a dense and fixed back.

Fashion trends and modern materials of backpack purse

Women's backpack purse is made of any material: from leather to nylon. Following the fashion trends, you can be on top of style and elegance. For example, last year fur backpacks were very popular, which looked very nice and cozy. Today, the glamorous accessories in exotic leather are honored, but with a minimum of finishing to emphasize the natural beauty of the material.

Backpack made of fabric

One of the main trend directions of this season is considered a women's backpack made of fabric. Moreover, it is desirable to use the fabric close in colour and texture to the one from which the main outfit is sewn. Very stylish looks a jacket and a backpack purse in one tone.

You can choose any colour, as long as they fit your mood and wardrobe. For the office it is preferable to use classic shades, and for a walk – pink, yellow, bright green. Gather your entire rainbow collection of colours.

By the way, there are no age limits. A women's backpack purse will look equally good on both a young girl and a woman over thirty. Love and backpack purses know no age or bounds.


Outfit with backpack purse

Today, there are a huge number of types of backpack purses. And as you have already understood, the choice of backpack purse it is all about your taste and what you need it for.

This process is related to only two key issues: how and what can you wear it with. As always, we offer you sort this out.

# 1. Mini backpack purse

Mini backpack purses have become a trend of the last summer and are going to remain a hot hit in the coming season. Light looks with a dress, jeans and sneakers are interesting and unusual with a small backpack purse behind your back. Mini format can give out defects of manufacture from inexpensive artificial materials, therefore we recommend to look closely at natural materials.

Vintage Leather Mini Backpack for Women

Mini backpack purses can be decorated with key chains, fur pompoms or badges, creating a unique image and focusing on trendy things.

In addition, there are basic rules for wearing mini backpack purses.

A properly selected accessory will help you look perfect. Stylists advise to choose a shoulder attribute, looking at the colour palette.

The more elegant and romantic the look, the smaller backpack purse should be. Large multi-layered kits require volume units with additional sections and pockets.

A tight knitted dress, leather jacket and satchel are great for everyday wear. The silhouette will complement the bini hat and boots. The purse can be placed on one shoulder, creating a careless wearing style.

 Mini Backpack for Women

A classic version is also a necessity. The monochrome shirts, which are suitable for work, can be combined with trousers, jeans. Complementing the look of a leather backpack purse of a strictly laconic cut.

Take a closer look at the decorative fittings on the item. It can be a supplement to the jewelry that is present in its appearance.

Select jewellery of gold colour for gold clasps, a similar colour for silver ones.

# 2. Convertible backpack purse (transformers)

The "rage" of the season is unusual backpacks-transformers. Comfortable backpack purses with the ability to quickly change the shape and position of the belts have become popular thanks to fashionistas of megalopolises, who pay attention to each accessory that carry its own function. The girls did not want to suffer with uncomfortable small purses, bulky backpacks and the girls did not want to suffer from uncomfortable small purses, bulky briefcases and chose soft bags that could be carried on one or two shoulders. This trend was noticed by fashion designers, and they suggested a shape of a purse, which can be transformed into a backpack with two straps.

Convertible backpack purse

Plus, the model-transformer in its versatility. One accessory can replace two or three items at once: a purse in hand, a shoulder bag and a backpack. Depending on the clothes chosen, the transformer is an ideal complement to the image.

Women's convertible backpack purses are most often presented in medium and large sizes in natural materials. Note that the constant change of position quickly wears the material, so we recommend choosing items made of quality material and a proven brand.

# 3. Crossbody backpack purses: classics and modernity

It's not the first season of crossbody backpack purses to remain at the peak of popularity. Crossbody backpack purses are small purses on a long chain, you can wear as a backpack, if necessary. When buying such a bag first of all you should pay attention to the proportions. Miniature girls are better to give preference to compact models, and to owners of more magnificent forms – large ones, too small backpack purse will emphasize sizes.

To be in the trend, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive items (such as Model 2.55 Chanel that all became the first crossbody purse),

there are stylish and interesting variants in the assortment and of overly democratic brands.

You can carry a crossbody backpack purse any way you like:

Everyone knows that diagonal lines are slimmer and help to divert attention from imperfections in the figure.

If you want to look more elegant, carry the backpack purse on your shoulder. Most women in fashion choose this way.

In the cold season, many women prefer to wear the accessory in their hands just like a purse, wrapping a pen around their wrists.

When you wish to feel more comfortableand democratic care your crossbody purse exactly as a backpack.

If you are going to a solemn event, it is better to unbutton the chain or put it inside. So a backpack purse will turn into a clutch, which will be a great addition to the evening outfit.

# 4. Sling backpack purse: what is it?

Sling backpack purse

Sling backpack purses are perfect for everybody, both for men and women. And there are a number of ways how to wear a sling backpack purse. We represent four basic ways of wearing, and you decide which one you want to try.

  • Behind the back. Wearing a sling backpack purse on your back is considered the most traditional way. Hands are free. This type of carrying a sling backpack is suitable for cycling or running.
  • Across the front. What is the purpose of wearing a sling backpack like that? First of all, this way you have quick access to things. Another important reason for is safety.
  • On the shoulder. Wearing a single-strap sling backpack purse on your shoulder is probably the fastest way to get rid of the burden: there is no need to constantly fasten or unfasten the backpack around you.
  • Around the waist. Technically, a sling backpack purse can be called a belt purse if worn at the waist, but some models are versatile and can be worn differently. Wearing a sling backpack purse on the belt is convenient if you need to get to things without taking off the purse, and it is even more comfortable than when it is on the chest or behind the back.

Whatever the way you wear your backpack sling purse, there are many models to choose from.

# 5. Cute backpack purse: 2019-2020 season

Cute backpack purse

The famous designers came up with a very good solution in the 2019-2020 season – this is a cute, stylish accessory, which can serve you as a purse in the daytime in the classic style, and in informal time – you can safely carry it on your shoulders as a comfortable backpack, using straps.

Fashionable trends for backpack purses 2019-2020 are rocker-style backpacks with a huge variety of decor – spikes, chains and other jewelry.

The trend is for cute backpack purses with metallic shine and fringe looks stylish and glamorous. Fashionistas can also find bold and unusual backpack purses looking cute and playful.

Backpack purses with glitter is the main trend of 2019-2020 season, that is worth to look closely and choose the most fashionable in the season.

This accessory is appropriate not only for the evening out, but also you can safely wear a backpack purse with a shiny surface for every day.

It's important to pick up a cute backpack purse with a shiny surface that blends in with your entire look. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a calmer shade of backpack with shine, if you decide to wear it in everyday life.

Fashionable backpack purses with a shiny surface can be made of patent leather, decorated with sequins or any other material with a shine.

No less stylish and popular this season is the unusual backpack purses in biker style and backpack purses with flirty and cute prints.

Cute backpack purses are a suitable accessory for weekends and informal settings, actual on vacation and on a walk.

# 6. Eternal classic – black backpack purse

Fashion Black Backpack

A black backpack is a timeless classic. It is an accessory for everybody and for any occasion, even the most irregular.

We'll offer a few options, the most traditional and clear. After all, the designers still provide a huge number of looks.

Let's start with fashion men.

  • If you have to spend this day on the move, a combination of a dark blue bomber and a black backpack purse will help you to create a comfortable ensemble in a relaxed style.
  • A combination of a black long coat and a black backpack purse is the easiest possible look for an active weekend. Black leather tall sneakers will be the perfect end to your look.
  • Such a laconic and convenient combination of basic things as a black long coat and a black backpack purse will appeal to young people who like to spend their days actively. Now it’s high time to try figure out women's looks. Yeah, yeah, we’re going exactly to try… it is not easy to fade in!
  • A beige coat and a black backpack purse will create a simple and functional look for a weekend in the park or shopping.
  • A combination of a multicoloured horizontal fleece turtleneck and a black backpack purse is very practical and therefore ideal for creating a fun everyday style.
  • Dark grey coat and black backpack purse – a great formula for a fashionable and simple image. Would you like to make the onions a little bit stricter? Then as an addition to this ensemble, it is worth paying attention to black leather wicker boots.

Black Backpack for Women

And that's not even the middle. So, now it's your turn to demonstrate your taste and style.

# 7. How to choose and wear a leather backpack purse

Traditionally, many models are made of leather or its alternatives. This is understandable - the skin is practical, well kept in shape and looks great. However, such products are expensive, but the leather is half cheaper and is chosen by those girls who do not want to spend extra money on rapidly changing fashion accessories.

The most popular colours of stylish leather backpack purses are natural colours - brown, black and various shades of these colours. After black, the next most popular option is a white leather backpack. White colour is effectively combined with both monochrome and colourful clothes.

Due to the fact that leather as a material can be easily coloured, the choice of colours of leather backpack purses is not limited to anything but the imagination of designers. Now in fashion leather backpack purses of bright colours and neon shades: marsala, deep blue, pink quartz.

Leather Backpack

The next question to be answered is how to choose a quality leather backpack purse.

Clasps and fittings. The quality of these elements determines how long you will enjoy your backpack. When buying, check the quality of the fittings, give preference to reliable metal zippers and locks.

Seams. It is important that the leather backpack is well stitched. The seams should be flat, with no stitch gaps, with a strong thread.

Details of backpack purse

Branches. If you plan to wear equipment in your backpack, it is advisable to choose a backpack with a special laptop or tablet compartment.

Straps. Should not be thin, decorative. Pay attention to the width and special seals, otherwise the backpack purse will fit into your shoulders when loaded sufficiently.

# 8. Nylon backpack purses for every day

Nylon backpack purse

Nylon was invented a lot of years ago, but it is still one of the best materials for technological and durable things – first of all, of course, backpacks. It was created in the 1930s, and quickly became popular. After all, the nylon fabric is a very good solution for things in which strength and durability are important, ranging from mini to travel backpacks (17 Most Commonly Used Travel Backpacks in 2019). That's why it's not surprising that city backpack purses made are sewing not only by different companies and have already become a classic model long ago.

Among nylon backpack purses, there are both monotonous and prints. Recently, things made of velvet, velour and cloth with sequins have become very fashionable.

Nylon backpack purse

When choosing the perfect nylon backpack for the season, remember: the lushly decorated pieces should be held in place. Restrained minimalism in decoration and a slight roughness in texture are in fashion. Besides, it is not necessary to forget and about actual street style - any possible variations from youth backpacks to classical sports marks today too will be rather helpful. Eternal classics - backpack purses made of nylon in restrained, but noble autumn flowers - will be in place not only this season, but also in principle always.

Nylon backpack purses are not recommended to be washed in washing machines or by hand, as the nylon will lose its luster. Nylon backpacks should be cleaned with a universal nylon cleaning spray. Apply the spray to the dirty area and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Then leave to dry in direct sunlight.

It is important to remember that the very first accessory that starts with the introduction of haberdashery products is the backpack. For a long time, the attribute is accompanied by a young generation to study. Having grown up, former schoolchildren choose backpack purses because of convenience and practicality.

Women's Backpack

That's all the information about the backpack purses we can get you today. The choice is wide.

And the choice is always up to you! We hope that we’ve helped you. And if you are ready to select your backpack purse, we are waiting for your comments.

We want to hear what you think about this article!