A Makeup Bag – An Essentail Accessory for You

We have already talked a lot about different types of bags (see more – Buying a Handbag – Mission Possible! 17 Types to Look For!). Moreover, today it's high time to talk about one more – a makeup bag.

Cosmetic bag with a lot of cosmetics

A makeup bag is not only a place where cosmetics are stored. As well as shoes, bags, various decorations – a makeup bag is an integral part of your image and a very important accessory. Expensive jewellry and a chic dress will not make the expected impression if you appear in the ladies' room with a cheap and unsightly addition in the form of a makeup bag.

This accessory is very relevant not only for girls and women but for men (Let's talk about women's whims first, then we'll move on to the stronger sexJ). A makeup bag is a good helper for coquette. You maintain order among many makeup things. Somebody will need a little makeup bag for powder and lipstick, and some need a “suitcase”. However, despite the size, shape, and the like – everyone should have a makeup bag in your transportation accessory.

Why Do You Need A Makeup Bag?

Multifunction Makeup Bag

If you are tired of searching for the necessary tiny things, if you want to organize the skincare products – the ones you use in the morning – in one compartment, something in another, masks are in the third, etc. After all, every woman has so many things to help keep track of facials, body, hair, perfume, decorative cosmetics, manicure, sponge, wipes ... this list is just endless. It is naturally not difficult to lose any of the necessary things. To keep it all in the perfect order, a large size organizer will help you - for home use. There may even be several for convenience. However, if you are on a trip, you need a travel makeup bag. Its size is smaller than the home version, and it is important that it is lightweight and functional. This accessory will be indispensable for travel. This will not only save you time but also be fun. When you arrive at your vacation destination, you do not need to unpack and put the necessary things on the shelf. You can arrange your space in the most convenient way in seconds using a makeup bag. All you need to do is find a suitable place for an organizer makeup bag. Also going – you do not have to search and pack all the items. You also need to evaluate the availability of pockets and compartments in the right amount. It is desirable to have a built-in mirror. In addition, pay attention to the quality of the accessories, well, and finally, evaluate image and design.

Makeup Bag with print

Most women, from time to time, want to correct makeup, freshen up perfume, or thermal water, to powder their nose. You have to carry always basic objects for makeup – lipstick, glitter, powder, and napkins. To carry it all in a woman's bag is quite uncomfortable – something is constantly lost, and if at some point, something needs to be found immediately, sometimes it fails. Moreover, here you will come to the rescue of a small makeup bag with comfortable pockets. A fashionable makeup bag is nice to get even in the restaurant. It will only emphasize your style and charm.

Historical Reference

The first mention of the makeup bag is attributed to the Middle Ages. Then ladies wore accessories at the waist. Great-secular individuals had small makeups bags decorated with precious stones. This bag contained a miniature mirror in an elegant frame, a handkerchief, powder, lipstick, nail files and other cute women's hearts are trifles. The drawings relating to the XVI century are preserved. They clearly tell about the ladies' accessories of the past.

 In the middle of the 17th century, ladies of noble origin carried small bags with them, in which they kept fragrant rubbing, a mirror, and all sorts of little things. However, in the XVIII century in France, the famous favourite of King Louis XV (the Beloved) introduced a new trend - small lanyard handbags. They were decorated with precious stones and lace inserts, they not only took root at the French court and liked the local elite but also became known outside the country, because France has always been a world center of fashion and dictated its canons.

Female makeup kit

In the next century, miniature reticule handbags, their name was originally, “ridicule", a woven mesh bag, became popular. Nevertheless, the French are famous wits, so the accessory was renamed "ridicule" (translated "ridiculous"). These handbags became the prototype of a modern makeup bag. Later, a makeup bag acquired a flat shape, although pouches are still found.

Today, makeup bags are a number of products that differ from each other in purpose, shape, the material of manufacture and, of course, size.

Types Of Makeup Bags – Whatever Suits You Best

There are a number of types of makeup bags. Their range is wide and beautiful. They can be small or large, of different shapes with different colours and shades. If the material is less and less clear – it is determined by designers, the latest trends in the fashion world, and then the purpose is not so easy. There are 6 main types of makeups bags:

  • travel makeup bags;
  • folding makeup bags;
  • case pencil shape makeup bags;
  • makeup organizers;
  • makeup chest;
  • makeup cases.

Now we'll tell you more about each type!

1. Travel makeup bag


 . Travel makeup bag

One of the most expensive things for everyone is a travel makeup bag. It is a place to save valuable treasure. It stores everything for hygiene and beauty. Without it, you cannot go anywhere on the journey, even for a few days. A simple makeup bag fits perfectly in a women’s fashion bag and only the necessary set of cosmetics fits in it: powder, mascara, lipstick, etc. However, the travel variant is a little different. A travel makeup bag can contain all the cosmetics, perfumes, hair products and other women's little stuff. Such a travel makeup bag is also commonly called a toiletry-case (or dopp).

In addition, that is very important sometimes, when packing a travel makeup bag, you can use separate pouches (tiny separate makeup bags) for different things that should be kept separate from each other.

2. Folding makeup bag

Folding makeup bag

It is very convenient to take a folding makeup bagon a business trip and on vacation. It can be called an indispensable thing. In such a makeup bag, cosmetics will lie strictly in their places in perfect order. You can choose it according to the following characteristics:

  • a durable hook (it makes it possible to place a makeup bag on the wall);
  • a large number of compartments: toothbrush and toothpaste compartment, for creams and various sprays, for various cosmetic trifles.
  • a hard fastener: nothing should fall out of your makeup bag when you open or hang it.
  • a makeup bag material: it is recommended to choose makeup bags with mesh hard material for the inner compartment.
  • opaque compartments: they are necessary to hide the most intimate personal hygiene products.

3. Makeup pencil case

Makeup pencil case

This accessory is designed for a small handbag for women. This type of makeup bag is able to accommodate only the most necessary accessories. It can contain powder, lipstick, ink, perfume, foundation cream and file. It is made in the form of a tube with a zip fastener. This kind of makeup bag is great to take with you to the party, visit friends and for walks.

4. Makeup organizer

Cosmetic Bag - Makeup Organizer

Such a makeup bag will allow you to avoid an eternal problem with the disappearance of any part of your toilet. Businesswomen, who always strive for success, often prefer this type of makeup bag. In size, it is a little larger than a purse, made of dense material, in the presence of many pockets and departments for cosmetics, drugs, documents and other things.

5. Makeup chest

Makeup Chest

It is suitable for women who like to collect cosmetics. This is a very roomy and voluminous type of makeup bag. It can accommodate a huge number of different boxes, bottles and many different cosmetics. Inside such a makeup bag there is a mirror, hidden pockets. In addition, if you are going to spend a couple of days on a trip, this makeup bag will be ideal for you.

6. Makeup case

Makeup case

A makeup case is a suitcase for professionals. Beauty case is the largest and most voluminous kind of a makeup bag. This suitcase is perfect for professional makeup artists and coquettes who want to put all their precious cosmetics (perfume, makeup stuff, creams and sprays) in one place. A wide range of products to choose from (from steel apple-shaped cosmetics to velvet and exquisite with rhinestones and stones).Such different style solutions will satisfy any girl, even the most demanding in the choice.

A Makeup Bag As An Accessory

Snake Print Clutch, Makeup Bag

It is very important to remember about the aesthetic side of the question. After all, when buying expensive cosmetics, we often forget about the purse itself for it. Imagine that your boyfriend will see an old lost makeup bag, or you will get it in a cafe on public display. Your dress, stylish shoes and hairstyle will lose their charm in the ensemble with such an unsightly accessory.

So do not forget to buy a makeup bag that matches your style of clothing, do not be stingy – one small waste will not ruin you, and a woman should be perfect everything. The mobile option is best to choose not one. Think about your winning outfits and pick up 2-3 handbags in tone, so that you always had the opportunity to take the right one with you. With the travel makeup bag is easier – comfortable, compact, it looks like one of the travel bags, just a small size. A home use product should not be considered an accessory, so the main criterion for choosing is practicality.

Only people of relevant professions – makeup artists, beauticians, masters of manicure, use professional makeup bag. In this case, not only the capacity and convenience are important, but also the status. A specialist in the beauty industry is unlikely to trust anyone if she/he comes with an old and unsightly bag to store different tools and cosmetics.

How To Pick Up The Best Women's Makeup Bag – Basic Selection Criteria

Different beauty products on yellow background

A modern lady has so many skincare products, decorative cosmetics, and other incredibly important things that she just can't do without a makeup bag. Designers have developed a huge number of models for all occasions.

Ideally, a woman should have at least three makeup bags (home, work and travel). However, choose these bags in exactly the same way.

Style. Cosmetics should be the pride of the woman. You should choose that handbag for cosmetics, with which you would not be ashamed in front of your man, colleagues, friends and the like.

Shape. Starting from the purpose of the makeup bag, it can be quite any shape: round, in the form of a chest, flat, in the form of a tube or flat – it’s up to you to decide.

Professional Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Travel Organizer

Size. Here it still depends on the application of the accessory and the number of cosmetic items. For a small number of cosmetics, a large handbag, of course, will not be appropriate. And for the big "arsenal" of cosmetics, the most convenient variant will be a capacious suitcase.

Manufacturing material. Unfortunately, with a choice of a material especially "to walk" it will not be possible. Basically, makeup bags are made of polyvinylchloride, leather, leather substitute, textiles. Undoubtedly, natural materials to get much better. Depending on the use of cosmetics and it is almost constant, the cosmetics should be washed regularly – this will not hold every textile. Therefore, the durable material – no less important point.

Functionality of a makeup bag. Home makeup bag should provide storage of the entire arsenal of cosmetics and easy access to each item. The working makeup bag may not carry many functions. It is enough to contain powder, lipstick, ink and foundation cream. To a travel makeup already more requirements. It should contain all the necessary cosmetics, it should be easily accessible, and an important criterion is a reliable fixation.

Compartments for cosmetics. To keep all your treasures intact and in order, you should choose a makeup bag with a sufficient number of compartments and pockets.

Women Makeup Bags - Organizer

Types of fasteners and locks. The most uncomfortable and impractical are fasteners in the form of velcro or magnet. Buttons are also not very trustworthy, they often break very soon. A zipper is the most reliable and impeccable option for a makeup bag.

Before buying is not less important is to check the seams in the makeup bag for strength and lining it should be waterproof.

Additional parameters that are important are the presence of a mirror, a strong and comfortable handle, a strong bottom so that the makeup bag was neatly standing on the table and did not lose its appearance.

The most important thing that should be remembered by women: the makeup bag should be properly matched to your style and certainly to a bag in which it will be kept.

Main Differences Between Makeup Bags

 Makeup Bag

Makeup bags differ not only in design, shape, material and purpose. Let's take a closer look!

Makeup bag shapes:

Makeup bags come as a standard form:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • oval

so unconventional in shape:

  • a star;
  • a hearts;
  • various animals;

Everything that will come to mind designer :)

The main purpose of makeup bags:

  • standard - the most common everyday makeup bags;
  • for travel, these are special makeup bags, they are larger in size and have a sufficient number of pockets and compartments for various small items and mini-sets of cosmetics.
  • glamorous – makeup bags to go to the "high society".

Travel Makeup Bag – What's It Supposed To Be?

Hanging Cosmetic Bag - Travel Organizer

Now it's time to talk in more detail, probably, about the most necessary kind of makeup bags – travel ones.

It is difficult to find a woman who goes on a trip or a business trip without taking with her decorative cosmetics and other new beauty products.

In this case, you need to take everything, but so as not to be too much!!!

The set of means can differ, but thus there is a base must have without which anywhere.

Going on a trip it is necessary to collect not only decorative cosmetics, but also hygiene products, perfumes, hair styling products. Ideal travel makeup bag is a few compartments connected to each other, each of which is tightly closed. This will allow to decompose cosmetics according to their functional purpose, to keep the fragile cosmetics intact (see more – How to pack a backpack for travel).

During a trip, it is important to understand whether it will be convenient to use such. Therefore, pay attention in advance to such 5 functional features of the travel makeup bag as:

  1. A hook. Being in the bathroom or in front of the mirror for lack of free space around, it is very convenient to hang a makeup bag next to you.
  2. A few compartments, the ability to take them off. In order not to bring an additional small makeup bag for a lady's handbag, you can unbutton one of the compartments of the travel makeup bag and fill it with the necessary funds for the day.
  3. Right fasteners. A travel makeup bag must not break down each fastener must close securely.
  4. Capacity and style. The capacity of a travel makeup bag should not only be determined by the amount of cosmetics you use (the owner can take the necessary minimum or vice versa, the whole arsenal, which may suddenly be useful to her). In addition, you should always remember not only about its capacity and convenience, the makeup bag should be also stylish, because how nice it is to brag of a fashionable and beautiful accessory in front of your friends! Therefore, buying this piece, stop looking at the one that is most suitable for your style of clothing.
  5. Practicality of an accessory. An important role in the choice of a women’s travel makeup bag plays its practicality. Any owner of such a thing wants it to serve a very, very long time. For this purpose, in addition to its beauty and convenience is worth looking at the practical side.

Travel Makeup Bag

To what extent the purchased makeup bag will prove to be practical the following criteria will demonstrate:

  • material of a bag itself: fabric, leather, leather, polyester and others;
  • lining material (it is desirable to choose with water-repellent material, so that it can be washed quickly and easily);
  • fittings should be of high quality;
  • stitches with which a makeup bag is sewn should be strong enough.

The main purpose of travel makepup bags, or the careful storage of home care products and cosmetics. Their capacity is much more than that of ordinary compact makeup bags. Such products inside also have special fasteners, which will not allow anything to spill and will prevent damage to bottles, unnecessary pressure on tubes, etc.

Men's Toiletry Bag – Choose A Convenient Model

Men's Toiletry Bag

Men who are on the move for long periods on a journey should carry all the necessary hygiene items with them. For such a case, a toiletry-case, a male accessory designed to accommodate personal details, was invented. This product copes perfectly with the declared functions, and to choose a variant for yourself – it is necessary to consider kinds of men’s ma and their design characteristics.

Men's doppes do not need to be called makeup bags; everybody understands what it's about. Moreover, men have very little to do with makeup, in a particular sense.

History of a toiletry-bag begins in the west, where he is otherwise called "dopp". The name dopp comes from the name of the leather artisan Charles Doppelt. Doppelt was a German immigrant to the United States in the early 1900s and the inventor of the first men's toiletry-bags. Doppelt was originally an ordinary tanner and, with the help of his nephew, signed a contract with the U.S. Army during the Second World War. The Department of Defense supplied the troops and, as a result, each soldier had his own personal dopp. After the end of the war, the popularity of dopps increased even more.

Basic product features

Travel Cosmetic Bag for Men

Externally, the men's toiletry-bag looks like a small travel makeup bag, often found in the everyday life of women. The differences between them are in a strict color scheme. Men's makeup bags are often produced in black and brown, they are designed to store personal hygiene items, so it is difficult to find compartments for lipstick. The interior space is designed to store toothpaste, brushes, combs, toiletries and bottles. Depending on the configuration of the product, it can hold:

  • a razor machine and blades;
  • a nail set;
  • a travel set for clothes repair;
  • shower gels;
  • a mini first aid kit;
  • a toilet water;
  • cosmetics for shaving.

Men's dopps has an impressive interior space, is often folding to be able to decompose all the items, hanging the product on the hook for convenience. Some models are equipped with external compartments for storing keys or documents.

Popular models and brands of toiletry-bags for men

Vintage Toiletry Bag Water Resistant

Men's dopps can be classified according to a set of functionality and size. The most practical is considered to be a leather makeup bag, which has increased reliability and adds elegance to the appearance of men. Today, the greatest demand is for such 3 varieties of products:

  1. A dopp – represented by a large bag, which will perfectly fit most of the hygiene items. It is convenient for long journeys and long stays in transport. Among the travel options you can find a product with compartments or without dividing into pockets.
  2. A shower and pool bag. The name of the product speaks for itself, such toiletry-bag is used when visiting the pool or going to the shower, for example, in a hotel. The peculiarity of the design is that the model is equipped with ventilation holes for the air in a bag. The manufacturing material is dense polyethylene, which can prevent the ingress of moisture.
  3. An organizer. Such a travel bag contains many compartments and fixtures, and can also fit in a compact suitcase.

Hanging Cosmetic Bag - Travel Organizer

Every man is an individual. And every woman appreciates this individuality. Therefore, your toiletry-bag should be collected from suitable for you personally cosmetic products.

A makeup or toiletry bag is a necessary thing for each person. They differ in many ways, there are sets of such bags made of the same material, but different in size and even in color. It is very convenient, because it allows you to choose the size, shape and design of one for each of your preferences.

And, by the way, this product is a good gift for any holiday, because this accessory will please any woman or man.

We hope that our tips on how to choose the right makeup or toiletry bag will help you buy a fashionable, beautiful, and convenient accessory (see more – How to choose a perfect cat bag – 4 tips to follow!)

And, of course, we’re looking forward to your questions and comments!