17 Most Commonly Used Travel Backpacks

If you thought that backpacks are suitable only for classrooms or the mid-90s, our article of the best travel backpacks, their types and rules to choose will prove you to be wrong.

 The days when a backpack was only meant to carry your stuff have gone by. The modern design of backpacks is stylish, practical and smart like never before.

 There are ultra-strong travel backpacks designed for outdoor use, models designed specifically for hiking or cycling, innovative backpacks with different built-in technologies, and even trendy designer items that will turn you into an icon of style. They protect everything you need while travelling and are designed for everything from laptops to your tiny home pets.


Travel Backpacks: Step-by-Step

 Perhaps, to date, have not yet come up with anything more convenient for travel and hiking than a standard backpack. It doesn't matter where you travel – on the taiga, sandy beaches, jungle or the largest capitals of the world, a good backpack will help you everywhere.

 All the necessary things are always with you, and your hands remain absolutely free, for example, to create amazing pictures or study the tourist map.

young woman traveler with a camera backpack

 However, when you're going to buy something like this, you instantly have to ask yourself how to choose a really good and comfortable backpack. As a matter of fact, the success of the whole trip may depend on it in many respects!

 If to approach to this business responsibly and not to fail with a choice, the backpack becomes the good assistant in long travels, and many hours of campaigns with a heavy burden will not seem so tiresome, after all in qualitative models weight is distributed not only on all back but also on hips.

 However, as it turns out, backpacks are absolutely different: there are special ones for long hikes, for travel with comfort, for cyclists and climbers, but what does not happen!

The Most Popular Types of Travel Backpacks

Nowadays, there are a great number of travel backpacks. Let’s have a look at 17 travel backpacks, which are the most popular and trendy today.

How to Choose Best Travel Backpacks

 To begin with, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the purchase, because most of the characteristics of your future container will depend on it! For example, if you prefer to travel in the spirit of "airplane-hotel-beach", you will probably have a small soft backpack.

 Choosing the best travel backpack will be easier if you understand what kind of journey you are going to have. Of course, considering the basic parameters of the choice.

 Volume. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics is, of course, the volume of the backpack, in other words, the number of things that can be stuffed in it. For a standard independent trip enough 30-40 litres of volume.

 Fabric. A quality backpack that accompanies its owner everywhere should have high water resistance, especially if you plan to go to a country with a humid climate. The most reasonable will be a fabric with polyurethane or silicone coating, as well as the presence of a built-in rain cover.


 Weight. Be sure to pay attention to this feature, as too heavy equipment greatly reduces your comfort and travel speed, and extra kilograms of luggage can become a real problem.

 If you have long trips or hikes ahead, then it would be wise to purchase a backpack with wide straps: moderately stiff to maintain your original shape, and also moderately soft so as not to cut your shoulders.

Women’s Travel Backpacks

 Hey, ladies, do you need a brand-new travel backpack?

 There are a lot of cool travel backpacks on the market, but most of them are designed for unisex.

 But some women find that these unisex backpacks aren't very suitable for them, so some companies have finally decided to produce backpacks with innovative styling features that are better suited for women.

 So what's the difference between a unisex travel backpack and for a backpack that is designed for women? Mainly, there are a few small design settings that help the backpack to approach the female body. However, the differences are not very different from backpacks that do not have gender specifics, but sometimes these small changes are important for some women.


 You will also find women's backpacks for travel of all shapes and sizes. Of course, this does not mean that all this is the right choice for your next trip.

All of these backpacks can be divided into 3 groups: small backpacks, medium backpacks and large tourist backpacks. So whatever size you're looking for, we're sure you'll find something for yourself.

What are Travel Backpacks for Men

travel man backpack

 Picking out the perfect men's travel backpack isn't as easy as choosing, for instance, a suitcase.

 It's not just about size and style. Its comfort and functionality are also very important.

 Your backpack almost becoming a part of you.

 It certainly sounds a little dramatic, but it's not that far from the truth. The right travel backpack will be your most reliable companion. Without it, you risk travelling with pain in your shoulders and back instead of having a good time.

 In addition to choosing a backpack for travel that fits your style, there are two main factors: fit and volume.

 Although style, size and other characteristics are important, your main concern should be: How well does this travel backpack fit you? Even if your backpack is absolutely smooth and has the right size, and generally meets all your requirements and desires, it is completely useless if you feel uncomfortable.

 When we mention the volume of the travel backpack, we mean its size. The volumes of all backpacks are reflected in litres (L) and range is from 15 to 85 L.


To Buy Incase EO Travel Backpacks

incase eo travel backpack

Incase EO Travel Backpacks for true travellers. For those who approach travel as an adventure, for those who choose to enjoy and wait for their flight no matter what, for those who want to pack up their things on the journey – it's not a puzzle, but a way to relax, think and plan.

incase eo travel backpack

Travel Backpack from Incase EO Travel collection is a true friend in any trip! It will help you store your personal belongings, work and leisure items safely and in an organized manner. The model is made of original polyester fabric, equipped with compression straps, shoulder straps, back with waterproof mesh and adjustable chest strap. Thus, the backpack will provide you with maximum comfort even during the longest journeys. In addition, the product is equipped with two types of handles for convenient carrying – side and top.

Small Travel Backpacks: Choice Benefits

 Travel around the world is accepted with travel backpacks, which are significantly different from the urban ones. Ordinary backpacks are designed for light weight and short distances. Tourist backpacks are used for heavy loads and long journeys.

 But despite the fact that the main features of the traveller's backpack are a large volume of up to 150 litres and a special suspension system, sometimes it is exactly a small backpack you should choose!

 20-35 litres – a small travel backpack, which is suitable for a one-day trip. This volume is enough to hold the most necessary things: personal items, clothes food etc. This option can also be used in the city or on walks while travelling, when the main things in the hotel.

Very often small travel backpacks are preferred by women and children.

Theft-Proof Backpacks. Myth or Reality?

 Even if you did not become a victim of a pickpocket thief, you probably know the feeling of slight paranoia, when at peak hours the backpack full of valuable things is not protected by anything.  A backpack is a frequent target of robbers: it is worn behind the back, and opening it or cutting it for an experienced thief is not a problem. With the development of technology, backpacks have become an even more attractive target: expensive gadgets and devices have taken the place of clothes, books and documents.

 So, what kind of backpack to choose from?  Everything depends on you. We can offer you the basic protection features that are similar to those of theft-proof backpacks of many modern companies.

 Let's list them:

  • "Invisible" zippers;
  • Cutting protection;
  • Secret sections;
  • Proper locks and carbines.

Luggage Backpacks: How to Choose?

Luggage Backpack

So what is the value of luggage backpacks for carrying your luggage during your travel?

We suggest you focus on the main features, comparing backpack and suitcase.

  • The backpack is much more compact than the suitcase.
  • Even a large backpack can be compressed with compression ties.
  • The road surface has no effect on you.
  • There are exterior pockets and compartments, and you can fold up your things and have quick access to them.
  • The backpack takes up little space in the closet.
  • The backpack is easier. Therefore, with a norm of 23 kg, it will fit more things than a suitcase.


Travel Backpack for Carry-On Luggage

Travel Backpack for Carry-On Luggage

Of course, studying the luggage policy of the selected airline, if you travel by air, will help you to understand whether your travel backpack is a part of your hand luggage or not. A huge tourist backpack, which fits half the house and tent, will definitely go to the luggage compartment, as there will be no verification of the size or weight. Which one to choose in the backpack in this case?

 You should mention the fact that your shoulder bag should not exceed dimensions 55x40x20 cm. This is the most common parameter.

 It proves another plus of such a choice for your carry-on luggage. Usually, travel backpacks are made of fabric. They are relatively soft and supple. Therefore, the chance to push them with little effort into the validator and hide the occasional extra centimetre is much higher than in small plastic suitcases. However, do not abuse or overdo it.

Ultimate Backpack-Suitcase Combo

 Discover the combination of a backpack and a suitcase.  Life lessons were learned in the most difficult way and led us to the fact that we began to use something between a backpack and a suitcase.

 Before the trip, we, as a rule, cannot find the perfect place for our luggage.

 The backpack-suitcase combination – is the result of this torment.

 Unlike traditional travel backpacks, such objects open in front like a suitcase. The front panel folds down, giving you full access to the entire piece.

 Of course, you definitely should learn more about how different production companies combining the best elements of a backpack and a suitcase, and compare to find the right one for you.

Business Travel Backpacks Samples

Business Travel Backpack

 For people who move around the city, the travel backpack is now a stylish accessory.

 But if you often have to go on business trips at work the criteria for choosing are significantly tightened. The accessory should be not only stylish, but also reliable, convenient and practical.

 A Business travel backpack is best suited if you need to walk a lot.

 You should not assume that the business backpack is worse combined with a jacket, sometimes the straps lead to the formation of folds of tissue in the armpits. And with frequent alternating trips, you have to remove it regularly, which can also be inconvenient. Fortunately, shops today offer a wide range of business backpacks, there will simply be no problems choosing the model you like.

Why Choose Travel Backpack With Wheels

Backpack With Wheels

 Not always even the most comfortable suitcase and travel bag can be the best option for travel.

 Sometimes the best option for our travels is a travel backpack with wheels. It's roomy enough for you to take everything you need. Comfortable straps allow you to evenly distribute the load over short distances when it is more convenient to put the backpack on your shoulders than to roll it.

 Its main and most successful difference from other types of luggage bags is that at any moment it can be rolled on the surface thanks to compact ergonomic wheels, and carried on the shoulders behind the back, while not feeling uncomfortable because your hands are always free.

Conveniently Lightweight Travel Backpacks

Lightweight Travel Backpack

 The Lightweight Travel Backpack is the perfect backpack for those who prefer traditional overnight trips or camping trekking. Its best feature is the extra-comfortable lightness, which helps to distribute the load on the body.

 If you want to go on a long trip with such equipment as a sleeping bag, a hammock or a tent, then conveniently lightweight travel backpacks are an excellent alternative for you.

 Comfortable extras include a large front stretching mesh pocket, integrated rain cover and extremely lightweight construction compared to other travel backpacks.

 The main pros of this backpack type are excellent suspension system, integrated rain cover and of course lightweight design.

Best Waterproof Travel Backpacks

 We have already mentioned the basic requirements for selecting the best travel backpack. One of them is its water resistance.

 You may need to carry valuables in your backpack — documents, gadgets, or something else.

 The best option is to choose a ravel waterproof backpack made of waterproof material or a fabric with a surface waterproof coating. These backpacks are made of polyester or nylon material.

 Such backpacks are best suited for fans of long hikes in the countryside.

 By the way, it will be convenient for you to have a special pocket for storing electronics inside your waterproof backpack. These pockets are usually fitted inside the backpack, have a zip fastener and provide reliable storage of expensive equipment during hiking and travel.

Large Size Travel Backpacks

Large Size Travel Backpack

 Large size travel backpacks or as they are also called X-size Travel Backpacks are very popular among professional tourists. It is a mistake to think that large size backpack prevents successful travel and negatively affects the back of the carrier.

 The large size travel backpack, for example, on 50 litres perfectly approaches for long trips. It has an anatomical design that is comfortable for the spine, chest tightening straps help to secure the backpack firmly. On the surface, there are fasteners for camping equipment and reflective elements.

 Understanding why you choose Large size travel backpack you definitely make the right choice.

Cute Travel Backpacks You Want to Wear

Cute Travel Backpack

 For the beginners, most accessories look alike and often they are just looking for a simple and comfortable backpack. At the same time, Internet resources and various trading platforms offer completely different modern cute backpacks. In addition, each type of cute backpack has its own characteristics and advantages, so it is not easy to find a suitable option in a number of offerings.

 Most often cute backpacks are of interest to women. Although recently they are also of interest to men who follow the fashion and want to look interesting.

 A group of cute backpacks is represented primarily by multi-coloured, bright and handmade ones, with different ornaments and unusual decorations.

 So it all depends on your preferences!

Stylish and Fashionable Travel Backpacks

 Usually, you will find a spacious and comfortable backpack on your trip. But what should you do if, for instance, you are not going to the desert and not going to conquer the mountain peaks?

 In general, in many trips, you need a stylish and fashionable backpack.

 That is why many brands have long paid attention to backpacks, and offer very beautiful, sometimes luxurious models.

 Nowadays comfort and sports style is in fashion, so a small backpack can sometimes replace a bag. But in order to replace a decent one, it is necessary to choose a really stylish thing. Such a backpack will be combined with athletic style and casual clothing.

 Accessories with prints are not bad to combine with monochrome clothing.

 The lightest and easiest way to do it is to combine the backpack with a sporty style. In this case, you can not severely limit yourself in the colours and shapes of the backpack.

Buying Laptop Travel Backpacks

Laptop Travel Backpack

 So you bought a laptop. It suits you completely in terms of performance, design, quality of materials and many other details.

 But a laptop is a portable device that can accompany you outside the office. And here you need to think about buying a handy backpack, in which your laptop can travel with you anywhere and anytime. In addition, this backpack should be suitable not only for your laptop but also for you.

 The keyword here is "suitable”.

 A laptop travel backpack is no less important than a laptop itself. For this reason. you have to learn the most actual advise on the choice of a successful backpack.

 And what are your approaches to choosing a laptop travel backpack? Let us know about it in the comments.

 So, we faced different types of backpacks and their main functions. The choice is always up to the customer! Another question is that it should be well thought out, that then there was no pity wasted time and, of course, money. If you managed to choose a suitable travel backpack, consider that half of your journey is ready. The second part of the preparation should be the ability to properly assemble this backpack. Laying a backpack is a science.

 We hope that after all the reading you will be able to choose exactly what you need.

 We look forward to your questions and feedback!